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@MRGaming Thanks a lot! I don’t know really. I get a lot of hate. I try to ignore them. People probably find one of my videos and dislike for no purpose without even watching the video.


Seems like trolls. I had a couple of months break. Now I just went and noticed all of my recent videos have 2-4 dislikes.


Sadly there’s a lot of dislike bombing in the hitman community for some reason.


All my recent videos have them. Someone taking their time to go through every video just to dislike.


@MrFreeze2244 was responsible for 9 dislikes on my Sapienza WoT ghost run. He thought I “stole” his idea of doing a “true” role play run of it when I was doing them while he was still sucking on his momma’s teet. Lol.


The Womanizer Hunter

ID: 1-02-0322677-41

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I have the same 2-3 dislikes on my latest videos.

Maybe Skankhunt42 is for real and trolls the Hitman-community. Beware he´s a Pro-Troll!

I think we should stay calm and contact Troll-Trace.com


@Travis_IOI This is a contract that I made recently. I think it’s one of the best ones that I created and would be cool to be featured. :slight_smile:

Platform: PS4
Title: Mayhem of Destruction
Contract ID: 2-03-2351629-88
User: anthonyvilla328 (Credit as SpeedsterRunner214)
Location: Sapienza


@D1NGdong and @JosephMartin


That was my solution to “Off The List”.


Grave Concerns SASO 2:47 S300A
Really nice contract. Found a lot of good spots to shoot both. Sorry for the first missed shot, normally i replay then but Lancer strat was more exciting to play :cowboy_hat_face:

SASO 4:47 Lancer


I used to worry about the dislikes, now I let it wash over me as no matter what you do, there will always be them, even the big channels get them.


@CHAOS_AGENT_45 This is me trying your contract. Got caught, got pissed. Did this instead.

HAHA! I did redo after :laughing:



5 new contracts. 5 different maps. 5 targets each.

These are simple contracts. I like anyone to be able to play them. Some might be a little tricky for some people (those contracts with restrictions). But still, fairly straight forward.

My main reason for them is to try to create a contract that has a nice route/flow to it. Hope you guys enjoy it. It’s on PS4

Melee Flow


  • Richard: Bodyguard in the attic. The one that’s in the room. He moves between 2 windows and talks to another guard that is sitting down.
  • LoÏc: Auction staff in the room overseeing the helicopter
  • Jacques: Tech crew at the stairs
  • Jessica: Model standing next to a toilet
  • Olivier: One of the chefs in the kitchen in the basement

Run To The Hills!


  • Franny (We all know her)
  • Paolo: One of the guards in the attic
  • Alexis: Guard that talks to the other guard standing outside of the kitchen in the mansion
  • Nicola: In the biolab. Second level. Hope this helps. Not sure how else to describe
  • Severino: Guard at the ruins. He walks around. He would end up at the stairs near the boat

In The Presence Of Enemies


  • Arnaldo: In the church. Restricted area.
  • Padre: Second floor hiding
  • Angelo: Basement of church
  • Sabina & Marco: Standing together at the peer near the boat

One Night In Bangkok


  • Kriang: One of the guards outside 47’s suite
  • Benjamin: Stalker
  • Alexander: Annoying dude on the second floor (Morgan side, not Jordan). Talking to a chick.
  • Hans: Guard with a hat in the basement
  • Anada: Groundskeeper in the linen room



  • Lara & Kathrin: Sitting on the sofa outside the toilet and the security room
  • Chiyuu: Garden area. Near the oil drum
  • Lowell: Shower dude
  • Tomiyuki: Smoking dude near the helicopter

Feel free to recreate on other platforms! :smile:

@MRGaming @D1NGdong @CHAOS_AGENT_45 @MrBurn4488 @SpeedsterRunner217 @Bending_Cheese67


Sure, will definitely give those a run if I’m free tomorrow :+1::+1:


@Prem_Raj Tag me. :stuck_out_tongue:


Is the sapienza contract in landslide?


In The Presence Of Enemies is in Landslide. The other one is in “World of Tomorrow”. @MrBurn4488


In the presence if enemies is in Landslide. Run To The Hills is in World Of Tomorrow :slight_smile:


Done :slight_smile:


Thanks! :slight_smile: Time to play them.