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Tag me in the next contracts m8 :wink:


Could have been easy sub 2 min if the last target wouldn’t be so uncooperative. I somehow couldn’t find a blind spot. And it wouldn’t even have mattered because either I got spotted through the wall or the guard would react to the coin immediately after the last kill and find him. So I had to go for my trusty syringe. Oh yeah and sometimes the guards and last target would react to the poison kill at the bar and get into alert/panic mode for whatever reason. Paris is a spooky place.

The Womanizer Hunter 2:00


Will try out at weekend :slight_smile:


@Prem_Raj I have a 2:13 on the “Melee Flow”. Nice contract! I just reviewed the recording and it has skips. I’ll have to do it again later on. :wink:


This ended up not even being my best-executed run but it worked so whatever, I’m through with the Julian Wakefield RNG.

The Womanizer Hunter by @Pagan, SA/SO/DE/FW/!EV/!KO & Speed (1:50)


Really enjoyed to play this one! Looking forward to the others.#MiniFeaturedContractsForPS4ReleaseToday :smiley::star_struck:


As one badass bird once told me: IMG_7372


After viewing @D1NGdong run of “All Along The Watchtower” I promised him that I’d create a contract called, “Don’t Fear The Reaper” based around the Plague Doctor disguise. It’s nothing special, and I’m sure most of you guys would blow through it, meanwhile I rarely have any idea on where to start on any number of your contracts, because how involved and complex they are. Nonetheless, I made a promise, so I kept a promise. I have some other contracts on the back burner using targets some people seem to overlook, but I’m still in the process of making them.


That’s a perfectly aimed shot. Nice!!


@D1NGdong Thanks a lot! :grinning:


Thank you seriously skaven


Title: Do I Know You?
Contract ID: 3-10-3402533-24
Location: Hokkaido/Situs Inversus
Platform: Xbox One
Creator: GKPunk


Target Info

Contract Info

Do I know you title



My run for @Prem_Raj contract Melee Flow


Wasn’t sure which ones to recreatito, but considering we’ve been a bit short on new XB contracts in recent times I thought might as well do them all. :wink:


I’m going to re-create this on PC if no one has yet.


Thanks for the recreates! :slight_smile:



I’m going to give some of these a try over the weekend if they haven’t been wrecked already. Nicely done; the lure to get the tech guy out of the way was great.

From remaking them, all five of these felt like they accomplished Raj’s goal of chaining fluid kills.


for the challenge pack
Thightening the Screw - PC - 1-03-7035291-76