Hitmanforum member contracts


Here’s a nice easy one to break folks in. Pass this along to your favorite streamers… without telling them how it’s done! :rofl:

EDIT: And one for both the new trick and the new unlock…

EDIT x2: And another!


This is interesting! Can it be done with other items apart from that distraction thing?


@Euler13 Your recently feautured contract “Matching Accidents” has given me a lot of trouble, but after careful and totally intended improvisation I’ve gotten it down to around eight minutes. I enjoyed it thoroughly, but some randomness with npc’s AI has severely crushed my soul. Anyway, it was totally worth it because it was an awesome contract.


An Undressed Long Shot

ID: 1-03-9215376-44


hey I need help with something I would like to find someone who would be able to redo my contract on ps4 for xbox please


Can’t do this week-end but send a screnshot anyway. Maybe someone else can or I’ll do it later this week


let me know when you can man its all good


Crows of Interpol SASO 1:09
Nice contract @Mister_Rieper
The audio distractor breaks the drink animation, the generator pull off breaks it again. so after i poisend his coffee he will come back and start the drink animation. Normally i had to wait about 3 minutes. I don´t like to wait…


If you post up the details, I can remake it a bit later on today if you still need it ported over.


I commented under your video :smile:


even if I just tell you the details and that’s it


Best thing to do is either write out the title, names of all the targets, where they are, and the conditions (what kills/disguises), or post a screenshot of the contract as you have it on PS4. Whichever is easier!


@Ed_ll3 @Euler13 can one of you guys make my contract on xbox please


I created this contract for taking the plunge challenge


A little off-topic, but where can I find a pair of scissors in Marrekesh? I’m making a roulette contract.


idk, check hitmanmaps.com everything is there


Isn’t there a pair of scissors on the left side of the bazaar, as in if you’re looking at it from the default starting location, it’s sitting on a stack of carpets, I think.


I don’t want to sit on these for too long because I’m more interested in showing off the ways the new Big One trick can be used to create interesting contracts.

Kitchen Nightmares (0:45)

This could be even faster throwing The Big One sooner but I wasn’t sure what might break the first chef’s walking path. KOing the chef isn’t strictly necessary but sometimes they step outside the puddle when they see The Big One.

It’s Shockingly Crowded In Here… (1:05)

I’m more excited about puzzle contract implications as demonstrated here. Coordinating not only getting people into the bathroom by various means – audio lures, sink investigation, emetics, coin fetches, weapon reports, etc. – but also the satisfaction of the fire-and-flee toss of the firework as you book it for the exit. There’s a lot of contract potential in this sort of thing, and silly outcomes like shocking five different people who are all in a bathroom for various reasons seems attainable and amusing.


Meant to post this yesterday, but got distracted by the new content!

@GKPunk’s - Do I Know You?


@Mister_Rieper’s - Crows of INTERPOL

Could maybe cut it down another second or so (it’s difficult to judge the poison wait without the timer on).


If you post who the targets are, and all the other contract details, then I can make it on Xbox for you.