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ok here are the details and its on paris ok it
Target 1: Matthieu Francoeur eliminate using fiber wire and in your suit.
Target 2: Helmut Kruger eliminate using scissors thrown and in the stylist disguise.
Target 3: Cedric Gendron eliminate using scissors melee and in the helmut kruger disguise.
Target 4: Dalia Margolis eliminate using pistol elimination wearing the helmut kruger disguise.
Target 5: Viktor Novikov eliminate any method (I used the lethal poison jar) wearing palace disguise.
Briefing: Be stealthy be clean and make sure no one sees you 47 by rvdrko1006.
Title: Don’t be seen and have fun 47


Where are Gendron and Francoeur?


Francouer is the stylist near the saber in the stylists room he is the one on his phone and gendron is usually the first guard you see when you go to get the kruger disguise

Is it done yet @Ed_ll3


Turned off the capture equipment now as I’m out in a sec, so don’t have a screenshot, but it’s:

Don’t be seen and have fun 47 and the ID is (3-02-0475639-88) @Caymen_Smyth


so it is fully done the one I gave you the details on


And could you recreate this one for me?
Name: Meleecyclist
Chief Surgeon - Motorcyclist - Fire Axe Melee
Female doctor in the basement - Motorcyclist - Masamune Melee


Yeah, whoever it’s for get them to look it up on Xbox and it’s as you asked for. @Caymen_Smyth

@Bending_Cheese67 - I’m offline in a few minutes. If you can’t find anyone else I’ll do it for you tomorrow, no worries.


@Ed_ll3 thanks so much I asked for you to do cause its for a streamer who plays hitman but only on xbox


No problem, I can wait :wink:


Dangerous Inspection - PC Contract - 1-03-2135788-76

@GuLe @Nakar @mendietinha @Fortheseven @fkgfw @Urben @Bending_Cheese67


Can u tell me who are the targets? I wanna recreate for ps4


Dude on the left is on the pier, next to the exit boat. The guard is next to the stairs on the main entrance of the mansion.


I think I know how you might’ve actually wanted this done (Town Hall start with a bomb in the lawyer’s office?) but RNG can go sit and spin and it ended up slower anyway so how 'bout this:

Dangerous Inspection by @BernardoOne (1:27)

Was having no luck with the back shot drowning kill (you can get an Accident Kill that’s not an accident from it and it ends up being noticed), so I varied slightly to take eyes off Noce. The rest is just setting a trap.


Very nicely done, completely different run eheh. I now realize that the guy at the pier might have been a bad idea for the specific puzzle i wanted to make :stuck_out_tongue:


I re-created the contract “One Night In Bangkok” for PC, with every single detail exactly the same (title, briefing, conditions and restrictions), other than some credit at the end of the briefing.

ID: 1-08-0776033-44


Share the screenshots. Someone will be able to do it. I can try for PS4


Thanks for the recreate! :slight_smile:


Very cool runs Ed! I like that you play it purist. The view is just more “clean” without maps, weapons hud,a.s.o.


@sk1y @Nakar


Can an hitman PhD mechanic expert tell me why I don’t get SA rank with this run ? :frowning: