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don’t remember clearly but it’s when you legshot and then kill the other guard, I don’t know if you have to wait more or something like that anyone else can confirm.


The leg shot

I have the same problem in this run:

What’s even worse is that the leg shot isn’t even before the last kill and I still lose my SA.


your last kill makes you loose SA rating.

last kill;

  • it cant be legshotted to kill nor a npc who near your target

that the why


What I know is that legshot + kill results in a noticed kill. To erase that, you need to have an unnoticed kill after that. In your route however that dude is last target so this method won’t work. To avoid it knockout both and then kill the target.


Thank you all :slight_smile:

I was aware of legshot + kill results in a noticed kill but not :



You can still use legshots for last kill but you need to knockout everyone before killing the target.


The thing is, when you ask ten users what is triggering the legshot bug, you get 10 different answers.


It does not work either :

I can’t legshot an NPC near the last target. But if i distract the gardener with a shot near him, kill the target and finally legshot + ko the gardener, i get the SA rating.

EDIT: Finally, i used the peekaboo way :


funny i working on some differnet scenarios to show why. my first question was: why he doesn´t do it the way you did in your last run :+1:
video is ready soon :smiley:


With the peekaboo trick it works well and I like this way, it’s cleaner :rofl:


Dangerous Inspection:

Really good contract, allowed me to show two of my favourite kills!


New contract, dealing with enforcers:



Platform: PS4

Location: Sapienza

Targets: 2

CID: 2-03-9513683-77

A couple that works at Villa Caruso recently got back from a Caribbean island vacation and our client wants them dead.

While on vacation, Mr. Caso got into an argument with a Russian man, they started to fight and now the Russian man is paralyzed from the waist up and can no longer ingest solid foods.

Mr. Caso’s girlfriend, Cristina Dionisi, could have prevented this incident but she instigated it.

The Russian man was Yakov Vanzin, nephew of Russian oligarch Anatoly Durov.

Good luck 47!

Feel free to re-create on PC/Xbox


This was a tough and interesting contract. @RSKOFFICAL @Skaven_in_box

The Ultimate Quad Contract

It initially looked quite limited (because of the restrictions), but the more I played it the more options seemed to appear (was getting torn a new one by head turns and wallhacks in Yuki’s room as well :sob:).


Two 4 One is the name of a contract made by me, PC only.
For anyone who want to kill two targets in a more or less “tricky” way.

A quastion. Is it possible to cheat in anyway to get a really high highscore?
Im just wondering, because I often play a regular mission without any flaws, even in a decent time, but I never reach a score over 180.000, my best until “now” was always a score around 160.000.
Now Im kinda happy for reaching a score over 170.000 for the firsttime in my own “Two 4 One” contract (even if Im not really proud about it because I made this contract),
but im still a bit curious. I actually not really care about the leaderboard score, but I want to know If Im maybe not as good as I thought or the scores over 200.000+ are all earned through cheating?


Use screenshots man, F12 in Steam or whatever. Much easier than taking pictures of your monitor.

The Enforcers by @Markie (1:08)

Pretty sure you can sub-1:00 by not waiting the whole cutscene (but still waiting long enough for Pisani to start moving) but I first tried this and didn’t want to spend too long experimenting.


@Prem_Raj I’ll try to solve Hokkai-doh by the Wednesday if mot, it’ll be on friday, it’s mostly waiting that doesn’t allow me to look for new routes for the first 2 targets, I’ll just try to rekky you and then post a video


Haha! sure man! Will be waiting :wink:


Sorry I hadn’t had a stab at some of your contracts guys but with the new content, rehearsals and playing Elite, it’s finding the time but I will try soon :slight_smile:


Guys, I took a while to make this one because my lost contract was mostly not fun. Turns out dropping chandeliers on five people is NOT the best application of all our time. Four targets here with open kill methods on three of the targets here should hopefully create some variety and speed where I didn’t anticipate it. Here’s hoping the Xbox crew digs this! @Euler13, @Ed_ll3, @mungadungalis, @The5secondrule, @Silverballer, @ILikeGAMESish

Also @Euler13 been keeping up with your Styx videos man. Cool stuff!