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Tighten Your Scarves

ID: 1-08-5165194-44


Keep going with this sniper series they are awesome! Will play every single one @JosephMartin


@Bending_Cheese67’s - Meleecyclist

Shout me the original deets when you’re back on, and I’ll add them into the description.


I’m live playing some contracts:


@Nakar Report for duty on bendingg’s stream. We need your recreation skills


I showed up but I guess too late for you. Whatcha need?


I need you to recreate something my friend


Gimme the details. I can’t read your mind man!


Come on twitch or something


A mysterious contract was made. Who made it? I don’t know. But now it’s remade, sort of:

The Contract What Forthe Made Me Remake (Paris): 1-02-9336409-02


Two-Course Fast Food

Paris, ID: 1-02-6813753-67
Time to beat: 1:03min

Good evening 47, welcome back. I have work for you.

In the first contract you are tasked to assassinate your main target, a chef named Lauzier. Make it look like he killed two other security members and himself with poison. A fourth target related to another contract is included in this mission, too. But the second client wants you to use another disguise on him.

Fulfill both contracts in the shortest time. Good hunting.


I play on Xbox too. :frowning:


I’ve seen you on the leaderboards, I’m sure i’ll see you on this one :smiley:





Me too :sob:. I guess we aren’t good enough sad (Just kidding)


Didn’t realize my dude! No slight intended.


@Pagan’s contract - Exit!:


A NPC about to find the bodies? I think you guys know what time it is!

@Pagan Exit!


@Prem_Raj its been made on xbox its called don’t be seen and have fun 47 on ps4


In honor of my upcoming computer upgrade that might let me actually stream/record at 60fps instead of 30, here’s a bunch of contracts, some of which suck. I’ve set times on all of them but they’re pretty bad right now so they should be easy to beat. Target locations provided for recreators.

A Coup Times Two (Marrakesh): 1-06-7379827-02

  • Ameen Mu’nis Salib: Downstairs officer near the radio guys.
  • Faheem Attar: In the area where dismissed soldiers go, talking to another guy.
  • In’am Yusri Kouri: In the central courtyard, talking to another guy.
  • Othman Jaun Fakhoury: Upstairs in the mess hall.
  • Rafeeq Lone: Upstairs in the bunkroom, asleep.

The Sellout (Bangkok): 1-08-3121216-02

  • Russ Jones: Upstairs in the recording studio near Wes Liston.
  • Otis Kaplan: Ken Morgan’s bodyguard, should be easy to find.

Video Games’ll Fry Your Brain (Colorado): 1-09-0613232-02 & 1-09-9584813-02 (Suit Ver)

  • Greg Barnes: Downstairs by the evidence computer talking to a guard.
  • Tyler Gordon: Patrols the backyard from the door near Barnes to near the shed.

Suit version for added difficulty if you care. This contract is harder than it should be due to an issue I didn’t realize until I started making the non-suit version. The water trough in the shed doesn’t count as Drowning.

Faulty Wiring (Colorado): 1-09-4675348-02

All four targets are near the water tower in the technician area near the trailer.

The Botox Botch Job (Hokkaido): 1-10-1214356-02

  • Haruo Nakamoto: The surgeon who meets with Jason Portman upstairs.
  • Satomu Sugiyama: One of the bodyguards in the hospital break room.

Enforcer Hunt: Doctor: 1-10-7342744-02

Inspired by the Gardener version in Sapienza, take out the four enforcers of the Doctor disguise:

  • Andrew Roovers: In the room across from the hospital bathroom.
  • Ikkei Andou: One of the two doctors in the upstairs office.
  • Takemi Shiraishi: Watching the surgery from the observation room.
  • Ikuma Nakazawa: Talking to the female doctor in the hallway leading to the helipad.