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@Bending_Cheese67 @sk1y


Cool contract, dude :+1:

Quattro Bionde Per L’uccello (3:54)


Shenanigans (aka Unhappy Accidents) - (3-08-0623418-88)


Nice run. But no hammer, no rekky Kappa


Only noobs have to ko someone in this contract hue :stuck_out_tongue:


Hunter and Hunted


Please don’t. Just stop. Gardassssh


There is Hokkai-DOH!

Little ai Trick in description


You got 3:53 on the leaderboard. Not that it is the biggest difference but that is still a time save ! Unless that is another run and I spoiled the surprise.


That one looks nice. Seems to have a similar flow to “Amazing Autopsy”.


Yeah 3:53 is what I managed when running, I got 3:54 when I turned on the elgato and wasn’t willing to grind over 1 second for the video :joy:


Running is cheating mate. Final warning


I didn’t have any scissors though


Bonus points for being safe. You get 1 extra warning mate



Question, what was the thought behind having to kill that 1 guard in tech guy outfit? If i remember correctly that killed 1 route i had


To make my idea more favourable compared to potential strats of others. It is kind of forced, also with the poison occupying a slot of one’s. But otherwise I tried to keep it open. Other “puzzle” contracts of mine are more restriced and I dont like that myself to be honest. My goal with such stuff is to find something clever which turns out being the best strat even with a very open contract. Still has to turn up through, got beaten quite alot. :smiley:


2 new PS4 contracts:

Couch Cruiser
PS4 ID: 2-03-03-5657759-94
[All Targets on Level 2 at Villa Caruso]

The Carnivorous Plant Puzzle
Sapienza, Icon
[1st Target -->Stands by Crowd, 2nd Target in Ice Cafe]
PS4 ID: 2-05-2583562-94


Oh i didn’t mind it that much, was just curious if it was intentional or an oversight. Sounds fair enough tho


Will have a look at the first one asap