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@Brian_Cartwright’s Quattro Bionde Per L’uccello :

Nice contract. Can I officially get in the Xbox crew now :joy:.


Part 1 is very easy. Part 2 has you do a little work.
Welcome to part 3.


Hey everyone, I’ve got two heart breaking :broken_heart: contracts for you all that I’m very proud of :smile: Both on xbox one. I hope it’s ok if I post two at once, because they are connected.

Name: A personal contract
ID: 3-03-0004716-59
Sapienza & 4 targets

Name: A personal contract II
ID: 3-10-2640435-59
Hokkaido & 2 targets


@D1NGdong :smiley:


I don’t get it.:thinking:


Brutal Public Executions - PC Contract - 1-03-1705333-76

@GuLe @Nakar @mendietinha @Fortheseven @cjgarof @Bending_Cheese67


@Nakar Enforcer Hunt: Doctor 2:00

This is my first route i came up with so far.

I’m pretty sure @Fortheseven can do this easy sub 2 without relying on silly hammer knockouts :smiley:


This is a run of one of my contracts, it’s pretty damn linear in design, but I hope people enjoy my run of it. Special thanks to @Ed_ll3 for advising me on how to upload game footage to YouTube, as now my peanut brain can finally grasp how to do it!

EDIT: This is my run of Ed ll3’s contract, Shenanigans (aka Unhappy Accidents) https://youtu.be/dc4xaHvCCig
It was a lot of fun, and if you can’t tell by the gameplay some changes were made to the route while playing. Some times improvisation is better than sticking to the plan!


Absolutely loved the balls displayed in this run. Fantastic work. Cleaver on the staircase, bravo. :smiley:



Flying coins luring the upstairs targets.I’m not sure whether this can be used for Claus Strandberg in main mission.


I really liked this one Ed, lots of angles to come from. I managed a 3:08 last night but revisited it this afternoon and got a sub 3 run.

Shenanigans (aka Unhappy Accidents) (2:51)


Made two stupid contracts based on escalations.

Gyndon Lyration

Edrian Aclipse


Thanks for giving it a run-out Ish, and nicely done. :slight_smile: Glad you gave it a try. I deliberately kept this one very open despite being all accidents, so there should be lots of approaches to choose from.

Finally got to playing a couple of @Prem_Raj’s from last week;

and as part of that initiative to get through a few oldies prior to some new games dropping, I also played @Remedy’s Evicted!:

Surprised this hasn’t been played more, as it’s really fun picking off these guests.


I noticed that in all of these runs your time is either 1:59 or 1:58


Nice runs!! Thanks for playing :slight_smile:



big one op pls nerf.



Breathe In Some Fresh Water



  1. Heita - In the spa. At the hot springs
  2. Oliver - In the toilet next to the security room
  3. Huan - In the toilet of the restaurant
  4. Hope - In the spa. At the hot springs
  5. Lowell - Shower dude

Let The Bodies Hit The Floor


  1. Rocco - We all know him. Balcony dude above 47s apartment
  2. Chef - Head chef in the mansion
  3. Arsenio - Guard outside the kitchen mansion
  4. Paciano - One of the guards at the stairs near the dock. Near big stairs leading down from 47 apartment backdoor
  5. Siffredo - One of the flower shirt guys at the docks near the hidden entrance to the biolab

Have fun guys! :slight_smile:
Feel free to recreate on other platforms

@MRGaming @D1NGdong @MrBurn4488 @BernardoOne @CHAOS_AGENT_45 @Ed_ll3 @Opal_Hitman @hitwoman47 @SpeedsterRunner217 @TrueBlueMC


New Contracts from prem :star_struck::upside_down_face::grinning:
Let the games begin