Hitmanforum member contracts




Boogie Boogie 1:13 SA



A beast called neo187rah did it,
I told him to join the forum, he might do it


Played some contracts on strim today

Penthouse Effect SA (@Pagan’s Contract) [51s]

KFC SA (@theWizard’s Contract) [1:05]


The Fall of Franny de Sanny
ID: 1-03-5962624-05


Sub 1:20= Good
Sub 1:10= Better
Sub 1:00 = Pro


pff too easy



Prove it


I did that once. While Francesca was peeking at Silvio’s papers, I placed a coin on the window ledge and fired a shot into the air. Fran turned around, saw the coin and walked to pick it up. Took more than a minute, but it was clean and quick, unlike the Silvio kill later on.


It’s probably been done before, but here’s one that can be quick and easy (1:30 = Good, 1:15 = Pro) or if you’re up for the challenge, try it Suit Only.

Title: Mission Failed
Contract ID: 3-08-7040140-05
Location: Bangkok

They’re all in the room where the guy keeps fiddling with the broken TV.


PC Contract: Didn’t See Me Coming
ID: 1-03-8189186-61
Location: Sapienza

One of my older ones if someone wants to try or if someone wants to try it again. It’s fun one as well :beers:

My old run (I’m sure that there is a faster way to do it)


Re-created for PC: 1-08-2146882-67


Not Fugu but still Painfull

Speeches are bad for the heart

@Skaven_in_box - Really liked the Hokkaido one; would have kept playing to tidy it up a bit more, but hangover + see-through ceilings may have caused rage at some point. :sweat_smile:


Mission Failed 0:59


My old run of it:

Xbox version is 3-03-2004963-88 if anyone our side wants to try it again or missed it first time round.


Once again, that was great run Ed :beers:


That moment when you’re looking through random contracts, find one by a friend, knock over one minute off the previous best time, and feel really proud of yourself.

Not Fugu but still Painful (2:03)

Then Ed comes along and has the exact same experience as me! Great job, Ed! :clap:

Nice contract, @Skaven_in_box. :+1:


Glad you have time for videos again

Btw, you should get a mic!


Piano Lessons

Contract ID 2-08-8295007-50



It’s still a nice run. :wink:

I remember stumbling on that TBO throw months ago, and didn’t use it for whatever reason; glad a contract finally arrived where it could be put to good use.


Funny you should say that. I bought a Blue Snowball microphone (I think that’s what it’s called?) a few months ago with the intention of doing the occasional voice-over, but I don’t know how to do it?! I get the raw footage from my capture device plugged into my Xbox on a memory stick. I take it to my PC and use Avidemux (a free and easy to use video editor). It lets me cut out unwanted footage, mark beginning and endpoints, and then creates the final video file in seconds. Then I just upload it to YouTube. I did look at other video editing software, but it seems that you have to pay for it or it takes forever to re-render. If you, or anyone, has any suggestions I’d love to know.