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Yes exactly! That’s the main reason for these contract series. Change of pace :slight_smile:



Save some rekkies for us m8

Keep’em coming


Who Left The Chopper


The 47: Part 2 - Si

Sure there’s a way to exit with a panic distraction or lighting a FE; it seemed quite difficult to avoid body found that way though, so had to cheese it a bit for SO in the end (my bad :wink: ).

:+1: @Prem_Raj


PC Contract: Cleaning The Stable
ID: 1-09-9296305-61
Location: Colorado

With this one there is many approaches and I would love to see yours guys.
You have all the freedom with this one so you can find the fastest or creative way to do it, have fun! :beers:


Great run! I like the timing with last 2 kills. Exit was nice haha



ID : 1-03-4616802-41


  • paradigm contracts might not be cool for speedrunners
  • favorite disguises, maps and weapons asked from dedicated paradigm players
  • i arranged conditions and targets by myself
  • i know it they suck


I know I’m a noob but what’s a paradigm ?
I googled it and didn’t get it


It is somewhat a honor contract to the person which tends to be way more complicated than usual contracts.

I made a new contract, comparable complicated to Paradigm contracts. Might suggest it for being featured!

Poison Heist

ID: 1-10-9191388-67
Time to beat: 3:54min
@fkgfw @GuLe @o_O @Pagan And whoever wants to try it!

(last target stands next to the third)


Cleaning the Stable
Recreated for PS4: 2-09-9112363-94


Thank you mate! <3 :beers:



The Colorado Quartet SA/SO/Fiber Wire (4:47)


Again, started uploading this last night before kip. I’m surprised the first rent-a-cop kill worked tbf. :laughing:

The 47: Part 3 - Moonlighting

Enjoying these a lot so far. It’s also been nice watching @Nakar’s runs after completion. With the restrictions in place the routes often have a fair few similarities, but the interesting part is just how many variations there still are within those limits. :+1: @Prem_Raj


Nice second kill. Haha :slight_smile:


Re-created for PS4. I honestly have no idea how you did it so fast. Haha!
Great contract btw :slight_smile:

Will share my long run soon :slight_smile:

ID: 2-10-3584502-59


Sub 3 PogChamp


Great run! I did it in 9+ mins :smile:
I like the gunshot in the pushup room. I did a much longer way to get that bottle of poison


Sub 2:50 soon

Edit: got 2:50, good enough!


Well done! My method seems to be the slowest so far. I might try a YOLO version of it today and tomorrow and will upload whatever run is the better. Must say my strat can be quite interesting though. :slight_smile: