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Wasn’t special, i don’t remember. You know what, i’ll stream them tonight or something


Nice run. Did you attempt to lure the two upstairs targets into the corridor with Napoleon by any chance? I tried yesterday for a good while; sure it’s possible but couldn’t quite find a sweet spot for the bodies to drop without getting seen.

@hitwoman47 Could probably still be improved a fair bit, but here’s what I had for A Shotgun Story Part 1:

e: @Prem_Raj’s
The 47: Part 8 - Silence (3-09-2671308-88)
Axe-terminator (3-10-8062576-88)


@Ed_ll3 Nearly same time, totally different approach :smiley:


I went that way first but with a limo distraction, and the damn balcony guard kept seeing dude fly off the cliff. :joy:

Hadn’t played a shotgun contract in a while, and both of these were really good. Got a load of other things to get through, if I can find the time though I’ll go back and work on the Hokkaido strat a bit more.


The 47: Part 8 - Silence

:cowboy_hat_face: :wink:




Heavy Blade Merger - ID: 1-08-4059716-67

2nd and 3rd target are near the weapon one has to use, the last is in the basement in the shower room.
I have quite a bad time atm, but with way better timing one should be able to get them in a decent time.


Hey Macarena SA


What’s the time to beat?


8-9min-ish but as I said this could be way faster.


@Prem_Raj’s Silence

@RSKOFFICAL’s Make your name known

@CHAOS_AGENT_45 How did you get this perfect time, can you upload a video ?

Floyd Lawton’s Life is a pain

@JohnnyAxXx We had similar times was this your strat ?


No it’s not, the route is the same tho, also I did time wasting at the end.
Also you improved your time, because when I played it your time was 2:20


Thanks man :grinning:
But isn’t the route also the strat ? :thinking:


Not really, i did a few things differently, like dragging the guy in the end into the exit with me :wink:


The Great Escape
ID: 1-06-5466348-05

It’s very important that you read the briefing carefully.


It’s so immersive. Better than the main story


^ use the wrong pistol and the vampire will not be kil-



Recreated for PS4!

ID: 2-06-9825877-37



Not sub 2 minutes, please try again m8