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Set a sub 2 minute time first hue


Nah i’ll leave that to you. I’m sure a great player like yourself can save another 10 seconds





He doesnt need to, cuz I will :grinning: Rng just has to be with me.


I’m very curious about how a sub 2 route for this will look like. Unless it involves bypassing the two guards that are close to the prisoner somehow, i’m not quite sure what to do.


not sure it is the fastest,but it’s unique.


ID: 1-09-9820385-46
Contract name: Farmhouse Ghost


Where r the targets?



Recreated on xbox : 3-09-7006714-18



The Real Kurt and his Many Brothers (NOT)

ID: 1-02-4265059-44


Recreated it for Xbox : 3-02-0210832-18


I was working on getting a clean run of this route without the timer for Farmhouse Ghost,

when RNGinho stepped in:

Closing the double doors seemed to limit the randomness after the FE (but not entirely).

Nice fun contract. Thanks for the remake as well. @o_O @Skaven_in_box


Made a spontanous colorado contract too. Targets are in the tiny houses Berg, Graves and Rose visit on their route.

Two Kings, Two Princes

ID: 1-09-6554944-67


Can someone recreate this for xbox

4 people in kitchen one in bar


The ‘Hatch’ Phantasm

Re-created for @JDMHatch_G.
Originally on PS4: 2-07-3491591-51
Re-creation for PC: 1-07-1899312-44

Honestly think everyone should try it. Fun contract, but creative.


I did a SO, no FE run of 'Farmhouse Ghost’
It’s way slower than @Ed_ll3 time, but I wanted to take a different approach.


@JDMHatch_G’s The ‘Hatch’ Phantasm 1:16


Once you get a consistent way of getting inside Jordan’s suite while wearing your suit, it’s quite a nice playground. Also gotta love how destroying the door’s crystals actually affect gameplay because the NPCs actually can see through and you can also throw stuff through them. As the description suggests, this is the first one I’m gonna moddify to test the conditions when the update arrives. Enjoy :bear: