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Very shitty and poor run of your contract


Heads up: 3 new halloween contracts coming! (sorry I was late for halloween)

The Man Behind The Blade

Location: Sapienza
Eliminate 4 targets with a Machete while disguised as the Plague Doctor.

Psycho in the Mask

Location: Bangkok
Eliminate 4 targets with the Sapperā€™s Axe while disguised as an Exterminator.

Straw for Every Draw

Location: Colorado
Eliminate 4 targets with the Old Axe while disguised as the Scarecrow.

Coming soon!




PS4 Contract Laristol

XBOX ID: 3-10-2885540-48


@Opal_Hitmanā€™s Kurt and his many brothers (NOT)


Huge thanks to @Ed_ll3 and everyone whose contracts heā€™s been recreating for Xbox.
Thanks, of course, to the original creators and all other re-creators.
Awesome stuff happening lately! Itā€™s very much appreciated.


Interrogation Accident
PS4 ID: 2-09-2114791-94

This is a funny puzzle contract for Colorado. Have fun!


The Sunday Delusion

ID: 1-04-8806767-41


What is the title?


Boy this looks wicked! :scream:


Tricky tricky puzzles s2e5


Did it for Xbox. Here is the ID : 3-08-3252252-18


Thanks dude appreciate it :grinning:


Thanks Munga, youā€™re welcome. :wink:

Tbh I really like the process of recreating contracts; itā€™s helped a lot with getting to know the maps and NPC routes over the months. Even if I donā€™t play them all, thereā€™s always something new to be learned from it.

Itā€™s a shame we donā€™t have as many regular players on Xbox compared to PC/PS4, but at least this way we get to play a lot of the great stuff people are creating. I legit love this mode, so itā€™s all good. Even with new games coming out, itā€™s still fun jumping on to play a contract or two each day. Donā€™t think Iā€™ve sunk so many hours into a mode like this since Mercenaries on Resi 4 and 5, so thanks to everyone across the platforms for doing what they do and keeping it fresh.

Shouts to @ScroobiusJib, @Skaven_in_box, @ILikeGAMESish, and the other XB peeps who take the time to remake too, so weā€™ve often got some new content to play over on our side.

e: I forgot to add this in last night, but props to @Nakar as well for remaking so many console joints for PC.


Yes! Definitely thanks to @ScroobiusJib
@Skaven_in_box @ILikeGAMESish and all the other xboxers!
Thank you guys!


GAMAvalanche - ID: 1-10-6384106-67

Under 1min only! Proā€™s under 50s!
Will upload a nice cinematic video of it now. Can be atleast 10s faster but it looks cool.

Target 1 patrols with his homeboy near the snowmobiles
Target 2 is diggin snow. Shit job.
Target 3 is nacked. In the spa near the path to the snowmobiles.



Fun one-target contract for The Icon that I stumbled upon in search. My time is :57, contract by tommyboy985634

The Coalman Auction: The Hacker
ID 2-05-8670990-99

Also @CHAOS_AGENT_45ā€™s Monday Mood :32


I left this uploading last night. Very nice contract. @JohnnyAxXx


@ScroobiusJib :+1:


Enjoying your Tricky Puzzles series @MrBurn4488 :+1:


That was my intended solution, although my execution takes about a minute without optimising Kappa