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PC Contract - Breaching The Evil Within - 1-03-8829308-76

@Pagan @Urben @GuLe @fkgfw @Fortheseven @mendietinha @Nakar @sk1y


Under Pressure by @AGENT4T7
Tricky and very funny contract. Multible ways possible, this is my fastest/most fluid run.The Aim/Drop Trick from GuLe also works to transfer explosives and other things into the Herald´s room :smiley:
Great contract!


Oh wow, I made this contract a while back! Nice run dude, I’m glad you enjoyed it


cough cough, no one better steal this solution because I’m about to try it out COUGH COUGH

Maybe you put a fire extinguisher by the window in front of the target and explode it so that it pushes through the window or something? I don’t know. I do know ducks fly in the air when near another explosion,
do FEs and PTs have the same physics though?


One last contract before the update. Just managed to squeeze this in before the servers went down. :sweat_smile:

@Prem_Raj’s Axe-terminator


I knew in my heart of hearts that this was what I wanted to do, and that I would be the first to do it.

It’s very simple folks: Kill Rocco and exit. Have fun! Be quick! Don’t miss! Or get seen! Or anything, because I turned on every single Complication!


While I’m not completely sold on the new colour scheme :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, the expanded layout in contracts mode is fantastic.

‘Most Played Last Week’ and ‘Trending’ are nice additions, and I don’t know if it’s just the time of day but load times seem faster (and navigating the menus/tiles is very smooth).

I’ve only played ‘The Source’ so far, but it does seem a real shame we don’t have access to at least some of these new levels for contracts.


Edge Of The World
ID: 3-04-4473460-41

I’ve wanted to make this one for a while, and now I can!

Let the suit only contracts flow!

(Also, is it possible to make the restrictions non-optional?)


Edge of the World PS4 ID: 2-04-5856424-23


Here’s how restrictions work:

  • To set them at all, or even see them after a mission, you must accomplish the feat. So if you change disguises, No Disguise Changes will not appear. If you do not hide any bodies, Hide All Bodies will not appear. If a person spotted you, Never Spotted will not appear. That will make really heinous contracts far harder to create.
  • Time Limit is the exact time you set doing the mission, so if @fkgfw wanted to be a jerk he could speedrun his own contract to a degree nobody could ever match and everybody would just fail it due to the time limit. This also means you can extend the time limit by waiting, so have Mission Timer on and wait by an exit until your time is ideal.
  • Forced Exit is indeed the exit you used setting up the contract. Just remember that.
  • Tap the button once to set the condition as Optional. Tap it twice to set it as Required. Tap again to turn it off completely.


Edge of the World 3:56


Too easy.

start default, drop duck, enter front gate, pistol headshot, exit car.

What’s that, 30 seconds? :hugs:


Hold up there cowboy, better check which exit’s the required one.


Unfortunately the cameras “no recordings” are not insta-fail.


Well it’s pc so I can’t see it. What’s the exit? If you say ruins, :fu::joy::fu:.


It’s Ruins. Of course it’s Ruins.


I made a shitty contract.

47 Seconds - X1 - A Gilded Cage
Kill the fortune teller in 47 seconds.


Hi everyone! My new PS4 sniper contract in Hokkaido. 3 targets, suit only with new conditions. Good luck)


I have to say, my favourite one of the complications has to be the exits. Allows me to use to less used exits such as the speedboat and the Tuk Tuk which is cool.


Winter Sniper 1:13