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Simple, but that’s actually a great idea, having a time limit with a cool reason behind it :+1:


Someone noticed they replaced the surgeon in Portman´s room with a doctor?


PSA , the Striker is a fucking amazing tool for contracts
The knockback effect still exists even if the shot isn’t lethal, which is something unique to this weapon. You can make people fall into the water and count as an accident. There are probably places where you could even line up several people and make them all fall into the water with one shot.

Here is a simple contract to show it off
STRIKEEEE! - 1-03-1080131-76


LOL, that gun is severely overpowered. A portable accident cannon.


It’s not OP’d. There’s no difference if he had used a sniper rifle. Instead of a ballistic kill from a headshot and falling in the water, it’s a body shot that has the fall in the water for an accident. The bullet impact still has to not be seen by another npc otherwise it wouldn’t be SA kill. So it’s not OP’d. Versatile is the word you wanted to use. :grin:


@mendietinha got his new toy.


actually the bullet impact can be seen just fine, you only lose SA if the person you shot gets up. People knocked back do not count as bodies found or anything.


Oh ya? is it the same with say a pistol legshot in front of another npc?


that is indeed correct!


That ****ing headshot range, holy ****ing ****balls. Pocket Lancer, Pocket Accident, more like Pocket Everything. Do you guys even know what the headshot kill range is on this shit? I would’ve two-tapped Franny De Sanny if this thing had accuracy worth a shit. No wonder they didn’t give it Steady Aim. Witness me:

I for one welcome our new Striker overlords, until the fun-haters at IOI nerf it.

p.s. You can search contracts by restrictions too, including Optional and Required specifically.


Hmm… Is there any reason someone would want an “Optional” restriction? It doesn’t give you anything extra if you complete it, right? I figure people would either want it set, or not.


Hue thats weird. @Travis_IOI



Optional restrictions are still required for full score.
Honestly i think it’s the option to use because it still rewards proper completion, but lets people run the rest of the contract for practise instead of autofailing.


HOLY SHIT, the Striker opens up a whole new world of flying objects
This is the Striker

This is the same object propelled with a shotgun


See who I managed to kill, from the Town Hall Tower with just a few adjustments


Knockback just seems to be a function of the gun itself. Striker and some sniper rifles have high/extreme knockback, most other guns don’t. Seems to work at any range too.

Has anyone tested the Sieger Ghost in terms of its range and stopping power compared to the Sieger 300 and the Jaeger Lancer? I’ve been messing with it. It doesn’t penetrate like the Lancer, but it has bodyshot kill range equivalent to it (or better?), and it has considerable knockback too, nearly Striker-tier. The Jaeger Covert and other lighter Jaeger variants still have barely any knockback. At the same ranges you can dunk the Sapienza docks crew with the Striker or kill them outright with Ghost bodyshots the Jaeger Covert just lightly tickles them.

For comparison, I can be standing basically at the edge of the roof of the safehouse and bodyshot the docks people with the Sieger 300 and they’ll usually fall into the water but they don’t die until they do. With the Ghost I stood all the way at the back of the roof and still was bodyshot killing them and I think killed one with an arm shot; the Lancer kills with bodyshots too at the same distance. The Ghost is incredibly powerful and not just a Sieger 300 with better scope and time slow. It’s a silenced non-penetrating Lancer with double the scope and time slow.


Friendship ended with Breaching Charges, Striker is now my best friend


thats insane mate! thank you for you finding it.
we will use


scratch that one, it seems to be bugged unfortunately :confused:


Gonna work with contracts for now as I will play Patient Zero at weekend. Have some stuff to do before it and dont want to trigger the addiction too much. :smiley:

I remade the Final Test, but as a FW+Suit contract and the complications “Never spotted”, “No KO” and “Target only”. (Forgot to add “No bodies found” too) Failing them = failing the mission.

The Very Final Test — 1-01-6927374-67

I also remade my two favourite puzzles, because they cant be done by trial&error. They now have time restrictions. Optional though, I just want to add the hint that they can be done very fast too. Funny they feature the same NPC, who’s picture is even bugged since the latest patch.

Spearfishing — 1-03-0945784-67

(2:30min limit, ~30s more than the best current time and still too short if not done with the trick)


Spyhole — 1-03-3226460-67

(1:00min limit, ~20s more than the best current time and still too short if not done with the trick)



In terms of knockback on objects, sadly it seems Sieger Ghost behaves only slightly better than the shotgun. The amount of knockback on objects with the Striker is insane.