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I completed this with 0:29, the exit cutscene started playing but it autofailed me after cutscene because of body found :frowning:



Fixed an issue that could cause NPCā€™s to hear silenced gunshots through walls.

ItĀ“s not possible anymore to lure the tech guy into this room with a pistol shot to the wall
RIP The Heist Stopper sub 2
This was no issue! This was a trick!
Wallbanging was also no issue! It was outstanding performance.
The Rail Vault in Paris Main Hall Entrance was also no issue. It was perfect to exit as Vampire Magician
Lancer Sound was no issue. New sound is lame and sounds more like a silenced gun.

Normally i donĀ“t complain that much, but this really pisses me off!


Yeah all these filthy contracts that relied on bugs! Shame on you!

ā€¦ RIP Portman Shuffle sub 2min huehue


Well, since sitting on my ass waiting for the GOTY edition of the game to hit the PS Singapore/Asia store so i can finally play the damn thing is not an option, i decided to play around with the new contract restrictions. Hereā€™s 2 contracts.

The True Silent Assassin


Required exit: Main gate (default starting location)

Take Your Timeā€¦


Required exit: Mountain edge

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Could you tell us which exit is required ? We canā€™t recreate it otherwise


Silly me. Edited my post :slight_smile:


There was a cool contract I made no one ended up finding the solution.

You could lure the scientist dude right outside of the virus room with a shot to the glass, and he would come in and die to the virus, it was great.


Did you end up making a contract where that actually was the best solution ?:stuck_out_tongue:


I did and told you to play it to set a time but you didnā€™t hue


Pics or it didnt happen m8


thatā€™s a lot of restrictions : and hide all bodies is pretty annoying, Iā€™ll pass this one, tag me in the following batch though :grin:



20 char of cmoooooonnnnn


I also need to master my new account so Iā€™m busy as hell


ā€¦They really should make contracts available for the first two PZ missionsā€¦ We must lobby! LOBBY!



nice timeĀ Ā 


Made a pretty comical one: 34545


Tried take your time. But tomorrow i will do a more serious play. However great contract :wink:


Did you try drop the napoleon while aiming?

Nerf the wallbang gunshot but let the bullet distraction come back.
Not bad.


Yes, you can still drop nearly everything in the prisonierĀ“s room with the drop trick from GuLe. And it has no effect on you (For example when you use nitroglycerin it doesnĀ“t have effect on your health.
I didnĀ“t test it on Heist Stopperā€¦