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5 Targets
A House Built on Sand
Kill Restrictions, No Disguise Restriction
[Optional Complications] Do not get spotted, no bodies found, perfect shooter, headshots only

“Roof Times”


Basically, this comes down to shooting skill if you want to do it quickly.


I remade a Landslide sniper contract with the Suit Only condition that I thought it always needed. Can’t be cheesed now. Although the bullet distractions make it a lot easier to solve a certain puzzle.

The Most Devout
PC Contract (Landslide)


The grey background looks weird in a contract screenshot.

If anyone else thinks they could use complications to improve an old contract that they are proud of, please remake it! I’d like some of the contracts that I pick for the next curation round to use some of the new complications, but there’s not much out there yet.


I wicker manned this bastard raw today. No idea how to do item glitch and so saw your accident interrogation contract and was like “A whole lotta terrorist compound gonna get fried today!”.
In summary: 134 non target casualties. Escaped via Rip Tide rolly poley like the Renaissance Toddler 47 is :joy:


ID: 1-03-5468936-46
Contract name: Pier Of Wisdom
Briefing: 20171109125715_1



I wanna recreate on ps4, where are the targets?


Fish in a Barrel
ID: 3-03-5922914-88


There to play if anyone on Xbox fancies a bit of light entertainment. :wink:


can’t post pics since i’m not home for like 4 hours, I could tell you where they are at the beggining, obviously at the pier, the lady is sitting in the couch next to the red van (she starts there), the guy with the orange-ish shirt is taking a picture next to the red car and the last one right next the bike where that barber shop is.



Name: Brotherhood
Contract ID: 1-04-3673581-73
Platform: PC
Location: Sapienza
Description: :fairy::blossom::tropical_drink:
(In fact, I’m really looking forward to the contract option available to Patient Zero missions afterwards)


Platform: PC
Difficulty: Intermediate :warning:
ID: 1-04-5570806-07



It wasn’t apparently obvious to me at first, but the GOTY update is amazing for sniper contracts.

  1. Improved bullet distractions make a lot of new NPCs possible SA sniper targets. You can both lure targets and distract potential witnesses.

  2. The bigger knockback on sniped targets means that you can more easily dump targets or hide them, making a lot of new NPCs possible SA sniper targets.

  3. You can now use instinct while looking through a scope, which makes a lot of targets that would be too frustrating to snipe no longer so frustrating.

  4. The No Disguise Changes and No Pacifications complictions prevents a lot of cheesing of sniper contracts.

  5. The sunlight in Colorado no longer blinds the player when looking south from the barn, opening up the barn as a sniper point.

Some of these make a lot of existing sniper contracts easy, or even trivial, but I am stoked about the possibilities that just opened up.


Definitely a fun contract! :smiley:

Fish in a Barrel (45s)


HitmanDudeWheresMyLife Name:Dude,Where’s My Life? Platform:PS4 Contract ID:2-10-2562001-00


5 Targets
Pistol only, no disguise restriction
[Optional] Perfect Shooter

“The Shoosting Begins!”

Time to Beat: 58s


OK, here’s a couple actual attempts at contracts with new restrictions!

The Green Revolution (Sapienza): 1-03-4693154-02
TARGETS: Just one, the Bohemian with Any/Gardener.
COMPLICATIONS: Time Limit (4:20), No Disguise Changes, Perfect Shooter, No Pacifications
THE IDEA: I wanted to try @JohnnyAxXx’s idea of a forced starting point with NDC that isn’t the Suit. I also wanted to try Perfect Shooter as more of a puzzle aspect than a pure inconvenience. There is an obvious way to kill Piombo but it might be tricky to get the things you need when and where you need them. Ignore the Time Limit; it’s there for the joke only, and 4:20 is far too much time to complete this.

A Clean, Crisp Colorado Morning (Colorado): 1-09-5964689-02
TARGETS: Five. The two Elite Militia on the top floor of the house (patrolling guy and Rose’s Room guy), the Mechanic who starts under the car, a guy on top of the barracks where the Water Tower is, and a guy on the perimeter near the default starting point. All Any/Any.
COMPLICATIONS: Required Exit (Main Gate), No Disguise Changes, No Pacifications.
THE IDEA: It should be pretty obvious. Note that you can start anywhere, you just can’t change disguises.

Par time for both should be at or under 1:00, easily.

EDIT: One more. This one I like. It’s mean.

Hailey Unnecessary (Paris): 1-02-6847730-02
TARGETS: Just one, Dalia’s assistant Hailey, with Any/Any.
COMPLICATIONS: Time Limit (3:00), No Bodies Found, Hide All Bodies.
THE IDEA: You gotta kill Hailey and hide her body, that’s it. There are a couple easy ways to do this but they aren’t fast. Get creative. The time limit is actually pretty generous, I intentionally padded it quite a bit.


[email protected]

Colorado, XB1


thats pretty good contract w/ new conditions
i really had fun


Interesting weapon choice. :wink: That’s a lovely set of shots considering the sway on that puppy.



This contract was RNG hell for me but I had fun with it nonetheless.

  • sometimes the lady in the hall way would run onto the balcony and spot me

  • most of the time the target went for the auction room after poking her and she lost her “being sick” status because she saw people panicking

  • sometimes one of the two guards in front if the door only got a “?” instead of being in alert state and therefor spot me


Thanks! I haven’t unlocked the Striker yet, but I can imagine with some luck on the accuracy you could get a swift run with that too.