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Thanks! I haven’t unlocked the Striker yet, but I can imagine with some luck on the accuracy you could get a swift run with that too.


I remember from a fkgfw video that you can enter in that room directly. Just close the door and guards will forget you.


What really? Have to try this…

Edit: Yes, just walking straight through the door works. It’s like the barn in colorado.


Time to beat. Although I did in a different contract.


Did you also hid her body?


Yup. Without hiding her body would be sub 1 w/ screwdriver.


Fantastic Five

I created this contract for testing something so I’m not sure how good this is for speedrunning :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok I was able save some seconds with an improved route but nowhere near to 1:10. Will leave it to the others to try it.


I did the same thing :stuck_out_tongue: but I took the disguise first while Hailey is coming and took the other pipe.


Eternal Agony 2: Eternaler & Agonierer (Landslide): 1-04-8649388-02

TARGETS: Just one: Ernesto Dellucci, a Waiter, with Consumed Poison/Suit.
COMPLICATIONS: Time Limit (8 Hours), Required Exit (Speedboat).
THE IDEA: I was just testing how long the Time Limit complication tracks time and left the game running overnight.

I’m pretty sure it tracks up to 99:59:59 at the very least.

And now for a contract @Fortheseven won’t play, huehuehue:

“Perfect” Shooter (Paris): 1-02-3388778-02

TARGETS: Two guards, one in the parking lot and one on the third floor balcony.
COMPLICATIONS: Headshots Only, Perfect Shooter.
THE IDEA: Airquotes.

“Bureaucrat Conrad, you are technically correct. The best kind of correct.”
–Futurama S2E14, ‘How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back’

These contracts should not be taken too seriously.


Recreated The Green Revolution for PS4


Random testing notes:

  • You might be aware of a thing when making a contract where the objectives will pop back up if the state of an NPC changes even if they’re not dead, such as when they get sick from Emetic Poison. This is also true of Complications: Whenever you take an action that violates a Complication, the objectives should briefly pop back onscreen. Easiest is Perfect Shooter: Wait for the objectives to fade out, take one shot at nothing, they’ll reappear.
  • Sedative Poison is correctly tracked as a Pacification. I was hoping they overlooked it and it counted as a loophole but it doesn’t.
  • You can headshot the Sheikh on his balcony from the area near the car lot exit with the Striker. Its clean kill range is extremely high, and it’s certainly exploitable. It may even be possible to shoot the Sheikh off his balcony and steal his disguise that way, assuming Max Decker doesn’t notice.
  • If any shots from a burst weapon (ICA19 F/A, any SMG, etc.) fail to hit their target, Perfect Shooter is violated. This is true even if the first shot kills, and at some ranges with some weapons the recoil makes it impossible to score both Perfect Shooter and Headshots Only as you’d have to aim lower to ensure the full burst hits.
  • The same rule applies to shotgun pellets. Even if you shoot accurately and shoot the head, the odds are extremely high you will not hit with every pellet, violating both Perfect Shooter and Headshots Only simultaneously. That said, the spread is smaller than the crosshair implies so it is still possible to successfully score HO+PS kills with a shotgun at effectively point blank range. Sadists take note of the potential of Shotgun + Headshots Only + Perfect Shooter + No Pacifications.
  • The Sieger Ghost does so much damage that it can kill with arm or toe shots, basically like the Lancer if not better (it’s hard to gauge really long range shot damage when the shots still kill, trying to find a shot where the Lancer won’t kill but the Ghost will or vice-versa). If any part of a target is exposed it will kill them at nearly every range. I’ve only found one decent use for this so far but I’m sure there are plenty now that bullet distractions are back. The Ghost is also queiter than the standard Siegers and Jaegers; it has the sound profile of the Jaeger Covert, which is basically the same as the Krugermeier. No, I’m not kidding. Yes, I did test this. The Sieger Ghost has:
    • The damage of the Lancer (at least).
    • The shot volume of the Covert.
    • 50% more scope than the Sieger and 100% more than the Lancer.
    • The ability to slow time.


To give you an idea of how strong it can be I managed to one shot a guy that actually was the furthest at the back pier, from the roof of the safe house in WoT. It required a little luck to hit the head but still it worked


The ability to slow time isn’t exclusive to the SIeger Ghost. It’s avaible for the others Siegers’s and also the Lancer. All of them now have the Marksman perk.


Contract: 47 Seconds
ID: 3-08-6303732-85

Can you beat the 47 second timer using basic methods of distraction or bullets? A rubber duck maybe?


does this have any complications?


Yes. :joy:

They are: [Targets Only] - [Do Not Get Spotted] - [No Bodies Found]


well that’s already a old featured contract m8 :stuck_out_tongue:
my solution


Sudoku Puzzle

There’s a cool trick involved in this one: Don’t watch if you intend to play

Explanation: Found a way to kill people with the virus. If you use the emetic poison on cientists in that room, they will puke inside the virus room, and be killed by the virus since that are not wearing a hazmat suit. It counts as a poison kill.

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I thought about turning on No Pacifications but didn’t. Funny, as it probably deflected too much away from how I actually intended the contract, but that’s fine.

Hailey Unnecessary (1:29)

I set this contract up to show off that Perfect Shooter + Headshots Only doesn’t care about whether the headshots are kills (you can guess from there what the “intended” starting point is). But in the process of fooling about with the Striker I ended up improving on it anyway, and my execution wasn’t even that good. The Striker is legit for Pistol contracts ladies and gents, as long as you’re circumspect.

“Perfect” Shooter (0:47)