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Puzzle Time!

Filter-Tip — ID: 1-04-1062428-67

Landslide, time to beat: 3:18min




Edit: Found a better sub 3 min route. Will post this video instead.


Title: Lynx Effect

Contract ID: 2-08-2282393-21

Targets: 3

Platform: PS4

Striker Pistol or RITO


Nice, Hoped that the actual trick is fast, but is actually isn’t :smiley: Should have changed all other kill conditions to accident hehe. Will upload my run soon.

EDIT: Doing stuff with the Striker:


Poor choice of puking. :wink:


Good that this is now possible!

The Marrakesh Triangle — ID:1-06-5823727-67


That’s fucking bullshit. The pilot saw you so you should have lost your spotted bonus. :crazy_face:


Probably a stupid question but I thought that manipulating a poisoned body made it negate the No Bodies Found bonus. Was this never a thing? Or is it just for accident kills…


I don’t think manipulating a body that died in an accident or from poison ever negates the bonus, as long as nobody catches you dragging them. Using bodies as lures works perfectly fine, generally speaking.

Here’s a few more from my addled brain:

The Bangkok Bamboozle (Bangkok): 1-08-2029059-02

TARGETS: Three Hotel Staff members in the basement.
COMPLICATIONS: Targets Only, No Pacifications
THE IDEA: It’s a disguise carousel except none of your targets offers a useful disguise and you can’t knock anybody out (or even kill them!) for theirs. However, all three of the disguises required are ones you can start with. You don’t need to start with any of them though.

Here’s a Fiber Wire run to prove it’s doable with Zero Mastery.

The Gunslinger’s Reckoning (Colorado): 1-09-8872998-02

TARGETS: Just one: The guy in Sean Rose’s room.
COMPLICATIONS: Do Not Get Spotted, Headshots Only, Perfect Shooter.
THE IDEA: You gotta get a disguise and then take one good shot.

Soft, Then Hard (Sapienza): 1-03-5749971-02

TARGETS: Five: One guy on the tower near the mansion, two guys outside the mansion kitchen, a fisherman on the far pier, and a gardener in the church area.
THE IDEA: Is that a Lancer in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

This contract is really stupid.


Then that wouldn’t be considered a carousel, no? I thought carousel was each target had a disguise you can take to kill the next target and in doing so, gives the ability to approach in any order.

This doesn’t provide that thus wouldn’t be a carousel, or am I mistaken what a carousel contract is?


Hell if I know dude.


FUN FACT: A Pistol Elimination does not violate either Perfect Shooter or Headshots Only. I’m pretty sure the game does not consider it a gunshot at all, despite it taking two bullets.

For some very stupid reason I made an All Complications version of The Showstopper with a 10 minute Time Limit and a Required Exit of the Speedboat.

The Showstopper EXTREME

Tech Crew still best crew.

The Marrakesh Triangle by @Urben, Master Assassin & Speed (2:49)

I couldn’t resist the chance to become a Master Assassin. Better have my certificate ready, Urben, because I also did it with no knockouts and stuff. Then I did it faster.


The Showstopper EXTREME in 3:20

I really love the All Bodies must be Hidden complication. With the right targets it’s pretty fun to figure out.


Classless Cooks


No one seems to have figured out the solution for this one yet :P.


I think we used this for one of the ECs way back. I’d completely forgotten about it until it mysteriously popped up while browsing the ‘Trending’ tab a minute ago. Someone been playing it because of Movember maybe? :thinking:

The Caterpillar Arrangement
Contract ID: 3-03-0592759-88



I remember that one, Ed. It was a funny and fun contract. As much fun as your alien ice cream invaders.


Someone new, I think, is on top of the board, so maybe they just found it randomly? It’s weird seeing everyone’s slow times on there (with it being a one-off EC). :laughing:

These new tabs are pretty cool. I’ve found a few nice contracts to play this last week that I probably would have missed otherwise.


sceleton easter egg

I would recreate and play it but it´s too linear for my taste. Not really challenging.
Maybe post it in the Featured Contracts Thread? Would be cool as featured contract for most people who don´t know about it :smiley:


From the brief survey I’ve had, it does indeed look very promising. Alas! work at school has been crazy busy and I’ve still not even played any of the new content. I’m itching to get at those and I’ve certainly been missing my, almost, daily dose of community contracts.