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While it’s true it uses that, there’s more than that to it :stuck_out_tongue:


Now you make me curious mate…

Re-created for PS4 “Breaching the Evil Within” by Bernardo:


Thanks for recreating! Time to beat is 4:16 which should be easily beaten by 10 seconds once you get the trick.


Breach charge the axe ?


Also managed to get the exact same score as the 2nd guy in your Rocco race contract. I like how much it matters how tight you need to get around corners as possible.


Done. I’m Vince_Krasic on PSN :slight_smile:
Also i made my first contract. Is pretty simple and is more like a test but i would to share it with you. ID: 2-10-7940487-28



I still don´t know what the trick is?
@BernardoOne changed image to video :wink:


interesting, what was your route?


damn, i admit i didn’t predict this route ahahah, dang it! My trick becomes a bit useless now, although by adjusting it with your run it allows for 3:55

So basically
my intended solution was Start as 47 in Ruins, plant breaching charge on bottle, run to disguise, destroy breaching charge, run to church. This because I discovered all you need to trigger the easter egg is destroying the bottle. You don’t need to pick up the key or use it on the doors to activate it.


The contracts are always there; and probably best to savour the short-but-sweet PZ content anyway. Bit of a shame there’s no mastery or unlocks attached to those missions. That said, some of the new stuff is really good, so enjoy it when you do get the time. :wink:

@Remedy - It was interesting to test a few different routines out around the complications to find something that eventually worked for this contract. Maybe I overcomplicated it, but this was trickier than it looked at first glance. :+1:

Classless Cooks


Cool i didn´t know you can also breach the bottle :smiley:
That´s a huge basis for a very nice puzzle contract mixed with the Franny Poison!
@BernardoOne @Urben it´s your time to shine, alright? :wink:


Sadly the new Franny poison doesn’t count as poison for contracts :frowning: (although it counts as poison kill for Silent Assassin purposes). But yeah, i think that maybe with a adjustment on the disguise this could have been a nice puzzle contract. Which reminds me: for the axe to spawn you only need to destroy bottle while using plague doctor disguise, you can change to another disguise after and the axe will still be in the church (creepy skeletons and lighting won’t appear but axe will be there)


I will do it for other missions


You seriously come up with the bestest stuff. Sadly, the bottle and franny tricks are only suitable for their own very specific case.

Did you try to destroy the bottle with flying rat bomb?


Made this, my first contract on PC. 1-03-1328901-83
Try to set a better score.


I recreated Classless Cooks on PC - 1-03-3600405-76

Fun contract, i quite like the way I solved it :stuck_out_tongue:

@Urben sadly the bottle is basically shielded from any rat missile attempts :stuck_out_tongue:


RIP Jack Sparrows


Here you go. Can be done better of course but the body guard decided to be a pain in the ass.