Hitmanforum member contracts


nicely done m8, video or rito

my “body to lure the other target to water” strat is pretty good tho :stuck_out_tongue:


It´s not that special but sure


Nice. Guess I should have done it the coin way instead of sound distraction and emetic poison way which is a lot slower


In the mean time:

Close the Shop
ID: 1-06-2280672-05


A quick one:

The Margolis Observation

ID: 1-02-1605174-67

Time to beat: 47s


get rekt son


Only took you like 50 hours. That 1.11 was my first try <3


pff this was my second try and i got 20 seconds on you



just did this one, 1:14


Post video. Want to see the solution.


I tried a yolo Striker route but Strandberg is not alone in his office.

0/10 not speedrun friendly!


Here’s a contract with a difference. The kill is very easy. The challenge is to exit the level while dressed as the ninja.

Via the cable car. :smile:

The Very Long Walk Home

Platform: PS4 / Contract ID: 2-10-9677751-49

Platform: PC / Contract ID: 1-10-6768390-43


The true test of a ninja is not killing without being seen.

The true test is to disappear in plain sight.


Looks cool, but you didn’t include a contract ID…


Remade your contract on PC and played it. Pretty neat contract.

Contract ID for PC: 1-10-6768390-43

Here’s my run of it as well


Updated, and with briefing.

Thanks @Iffy!


Name: Disconnected
Contract ID: 1-07-9600606-73
Platform: PC
Location: Marrakesh
Description: :cowboy_hat_face::hamburger::cup_with_straw:


I recall losing an SA before because I moved a lethal poison killed target and few minutes later someone triggered the “body found” but it counted as actual body found (shady circumstances etc) so it negated my SA :frowning:
So I thought the same. Moving accident death/poison body in anyway resulted in “evidence” of some description…although it may have been a bug but I was too terrified to try it again. Are you console player by any chance as it might be PS4 specific bug etc?


Kill Jackie’s sister (next to the harbor starting location) with a pistol but you must exit with the car.

Don’t miss any shots, headshot only.

ID (PC): 1-03-7115616-57

The portrait is wrong for some reason hueheuheue, she should look like jackie.


I am a PS4 player yes. I may test this this week to see if it the loss of SA occurs now.


A Marathon? Nah, It’s A Sprint (Sapienza): 1-03-4274491-02

TARGETS: Just one: The guy on top of the Sapienza Ruins.
COMPLICATIONS: Required Exit (Car), No Disguise Changes, Headshots Only, Perfect Shooter.
THE IDEA: @GuLe is an ass and so am I, and when our powers combine dumb shit like this happens. Deceptively simple, but also really stupid.