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The Green Revolution SA (47s)

Striker op hueheuheuheuehuehu.


Was going to just remake one, but they seem to work nice as a pair so went with both.

A Marathon? Nah, It’s A Sprint (3-03-5320679-88)
Jackie you are a… (3-03-4548205-88)


Still discovering stuff! Who knew you could take out security cameras by throwing an explosive compound, amazing!


well, since no one else has gone for it


Those kind of tricks will be pretty useful now that there’s new restrictions such as “no missed shots”


speaking of try my Novikov contract :wink:


LMAO I was trying to destroy the camera and this happened.


Lul nice one :smiley:

Here is my 47s run with that idea:


How did the cam get destroyed


Flying BC, like GuLe tried.


How did you make it fly tho ?strong text


first BC explodes dropped the second from inventory, second explosion is delayed by a split second, which is why it flys some distance.


Gave this puzzle contract to @Quine to just check it out. The “Trending” tab ingame spoiled it to half a dozen people so no reason to keep it away from you here. Has two problems one has to handle, have fun :smiley:

Second guy is behind the hotel, too. Required exit is Tuk Tuk.

Tuk Tuk Temp Ta Tion


Time to beat: 58s


Hay man sorry I took so long they’re up now ok.


Alright, with the new complications I made my own Camera Avoid Escalation
PC Contract - Camera Avoidance Crash Course - 1-08-06585716-76

No Recordings
No Disguise Changes
Perfect Shooter
No Pacifications
And since I force you to use three different loadout only weapons, you can’t bring a breaching charge to easily access camera room or a explosive compound to destroy the cameras easily.

@Urben @Nakar @mendietinha @Fortheseven @GuLe @fkgfw @Skaven_in_box @Pagan


I really really should unlock that Janbiya finally.


Backing the Wrong Horse (Landslide): 1-04-1995055-02

TARGETS: Four. One of the Stage Crew, a bodyguard in the apartment with three bodyguards, a guy on one of the piers, and a woman near the market.
COMPLICATIONS: No Disguise Changes, which on Landslide just means Suit Only.
THE IDEA: Eh, it isn’t quite what I envisioned when I set out to make it, but I think there’s a lot of juggling one could do to save a lot of time.


2 new contracts!


Clown Car

The kill is trivial. The real goal is to drive the tuk-tuk in a clown suit. I honestly have no idea if there’s any way to make this contract reasonable or fun, but it struck me as a challenge. So if you want a challenge, here you go.