Hitmanforum unavailable during Discourse migration

Hi All,

this weekend (and monday), the forum will be unavailable (it will run in read-only) mode for maintenance reasons. I will be moving the forum from our current hosting provider Digital Ocean to Discourse.org hosting.

During the migration you will not be able to post anything on this site.


Thanks for the heads-up, I reckon some people would go insane if they were to see yet another 502/403 unexpectedly.


@ampburner can you put it up on the front page? not sure everyone will see this thread.


Topic is pinned globally :slight_smile:

PS - part of the reason we are migrating is to prevent future downtime


Thanks a lot. I don’t enjoy the Bad Gateway messages. :smile:


That’s why it’s bad gateway, not good gateway


It’s still working??

Hi everyone!

We’re back. Hitmanforum is now running on a different server. We’re no longer self-hosted, but running on Discourse servers.This should make life easier for me (I no longer need to act as sysadmin) and prevent the dreaded “502 bad gateway” error in the future.

@Falco of Discourse has helped us with the migration. Thanks a bunch Falco!

PS - please report if you see any anomalies. Some of them are known issues which we can solve, like styling issues or missing images. Please report them in this thread.

If your avatar is missing, please take the opportunity to re-upload.


This forum looks like what there’s been some kind of zombie apocalypse. Am I the only one here?

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we’ve just switched the DNS so some people may still see the old (read-only) website

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The forum is still completely white for me, no banner at the top or background, I suppose you’re currently working on it?

Anyway thanks for keeping this beast up and running :thumbsup:. Really needed my HMF fix.

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can you share a screenshot?

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Oops it just loaded, it’s all back to normal now.

Mfw its tuesday and hmf is still down

luckely its back up :smile:

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How about fixing lowercase "i"s of usernames in posts being displayed in uppercase, then?


Yep you just joined a couple minutes after it was back I think.

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I am having a lot of issues. Mostly due to the “read only mode” randomly popping up; sometimes threads do not contain the newest posts (post migration) and sometimes interactions are disabled… I have been trying to edit my profile for a while and there is always an error uploading files.

Update: the issue remains unsolved but only on Chrome. The standard internet browser from Samsung works perfectly.

triggered, check.

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Hitmanforum reminds you that Hitmanforum is a place for civilized reading discussion.