HitmanStat No Longer Showing Elusive Targets?

hitmanstat.us (or whichever version is appropriate for your region) isn’t displaying the information for The Heartbreaker #2. Is this by design? That would be a shame, because the site has been a great way for me to quickly check for any new ETs coming up.


IOI’s Elusive Target status endpoint has been hit by a bug after the last major servers update (january 20th), so I had to disable this feature temporarily. The people involved have been notified about this issue.

This feature will be back as soon as possible.


Hey, thanks a lot for the info!

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What do you mean YOU had to disable it? You work for ioi? I’m a little confused here.

They don’t lmao, but they made that website

What website? Never seen any website.

Hitmanstat.us is a website made by @Hardware which shows the status of Hitman game servers, all three games on all platforms, and it works with an API generated by IOI themselves. He is not an employee of IO Interactive.


You could also just read the OP where I specifically list the website in question.


But that wouldn’t be fun. Would it? :gun:

Yooo it’s fixed now!

Wow, fixed, thank you very much. :smile:

The issue is now fixed. Happy elusive target tracking :gun:


Fun to see Year 2 label on those which were never present in Year 1.
IOI issue, not Hardware’s. Just saying

Not an issue for us. We’re in Year 2 now and needed a label to differentiate the contracts. Having a “Year 2” version to make it clear that it’s playable for everyone in Y2 makes sense. It’s a decision based on the systems that we have and is the best possible solution, as I see it.

For the sake of curiosity, what solution can you imagine where you wouldn’t describe it as an ‘issue’?


Not sure if you can discuss it just yet, but will the Year 1 Contracts roll back around? Stings a bit seeing all the ones I missed in my Career records.

First of all, by saying “issue” I mean that situation where all original HITMAN 3 Elusive Targets remain Missed for Steam players with all this Year 2 fuss. I hope you’ll fix that as the time comes.
Second of all, as I said, it’s kind of fun seeing Year 2 label on those Elusive Targets which never been introduced in Year 1 and either way avaivable to anyone.
My solution would be just not stick Year 2 label to those brand new targets which never were in HITMAN 3.
Thank you for replying. Wasn’t expecting any reaction from the company to be honest

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