Hitmanstat.us - HITMAN™ services status


I made during my free time a little tool to check the status of HITMAN servers and steam services, you can see current outages, problems of both platforms and maintenance periods for all HITMAN services. It might be useful to know if the connectivity problems come from your side or not.


If you find any mistake or have a suggestion, let me know ! :slightly_smiling_face:


Going to PM what I have to say because it could be abused.

Edit: Sent. Hopefully that’ll help make it more reliable.

Edit #2: @Travis_IOI any chance of a trivial JSON api output when you guys take the site down? I already know how to check it, I’m just curious if we could get a clean API to read off on each of the endpoints (something consistent like /status.json with caching maybe?).

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Very nice. Hit me up if you need any help.

Lets wait and see what IO says, as I know, they tend to be very community friendly!

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add hitmanforum.com :smile:


hitmanforum.com is always available since you migrated to the discourse hosting service, but why not :grinning:

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Well, I must say it’s hard to not be friendly when we see what you are building :wink:

The online team here love it, we (obviously) had something like this in mind forever now, but we have a lot to do and a proper status page never really made it out of the backlog.

As for a public API, it is a similar problem we are facing:
It might not seem like a lot of work, but keep in mind we have to think about security, load and costs.

What I can say is that when looking at hitmanmaps.com and that new status page, it definitely makes us think about ways to support you back !


Big credit for this matey, good little tool.

The Hitman maps website is also brilliant, first time ive come across that, thanks :clap:

Really all we need is the availability message field, or some blank/boring page throwing 200 (all good) or an appropriate error when the client can’t access it. I know it wouldn’t be an API as such, but could you please replicate that one field into a public status document (literally just returning it, and nothing else, in /status.json would do). I’m happy to get creative with analysing how it works.

As someone who has had to write public facing APIs I know there’s probably huge issues with a few things, but I’d rather not have to emulate part of the game client* to pull the status message if it could be replicated out (and in fact if it could replace the checks); I had a look at things after what happened in June/July last year (passive analysis – I actually assumed it was a sync issue with Steam cloud which had corrupted something, this is when I realised how much of the game was online), and was planning an ET tracker before the phone app landed (so I have a fair idea of a few things).

* Obviously my primary concern with doing any of that is people getting hold of it and abusing it, which is why I sent the PM to Hardware rather than discussing any of it on the public boards.

Hi swixel !

I will keep that in the back of my head.
We might be looking into the availability logic soon and if I have some spare time I’ll see what I can do.

Thanks for your responsible take on your server investigations, I really appreciate it.

Great to hear that :slightly_smiling_face:

A public API would be great to build web apps beside the game, it could be very useful for existing apps like hitmanmaps.com, hitmandb.com and hitmanstat.us

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Done. :grinning: (CTRL+F5 If you do not see the changes.)

By the way, you have a bad 301 redirection with hitmanforum.com root domain :

curl -I http://hitmanforum.com/

HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently
Content-length: 0
Location: http://www.hitmanforum.com//
Connection: close

http://www.hitmanforum.com// Leads to a blank page.


Not a problem. I like the game running (and development continuing); it’s not in my nature to break things that aren’t local (something something clients and live dev something something darkside something something complete).

Short term I’ll expose the status for @Hardware (using read-only data). It isn’t ideal, but it’ll do for now.

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@swixel it is very kind of you. Thank you for your work, I really appreciate it.

Azure platform is really reliable and have high-availability features, so this tool isn’t really useful most of the time if you have a good connection to internet. But many users on reddit / steam and hitmanforum.com regularly report connectivity issues with Hitman servers, most of the time this issues come from their LAN network or their ISP provider, and not because of IOI azure backend unavailability.

Do not forget, hitman backend have a strong adherence to the steam auth system, which also impacts ps4 and xbox one players when downtimes occur.

hitmanstat.us is useful to see current outages on both platform from 2 geographic locations (USA/EU), high loaded endpoints, maintenance periods and a global status reporting soon (thanks @swixel).

And maybe more if the Lead Online Programmer decides to provide us an API :kissing_heart:

So, @Hardware had the exclusivity for a while, but I deployed this week https://auth.hitman.io/status
It is a small JSON resource which returns the current status of the services (maintenance, health check, high latency)

If you are writing a service like hitmanstat.us, please use this rather than direct ping on the servers, as I ensure we minimize the calls and always serve a cached version.
Behind the scene, what the health check does is an authenticated call on all 3 servers, which allocates a proper session on the cluster, and check for the response time.

We tend to publish maintenance notices late, but when we do the expected maintenance window will be returned in the nextWindow property.

I read on another post that @Hardware might update the status page with the new call soon :wink:


I updated http://hitmanstat.us with the new json call, it’s all good :ok_hand: Some examples :

Maintenance is scheduled :

Internal server error from authentication endpoint :

Services under load :


I added status notification system :

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hitmanforum.com redirect should be fixed now. Thanks for pointing it out @hardware!

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@hardware, how do you maintain the latest illusive target picture?

Is this updated manually?
Would be a cool feature for HF homepage. I had it for a while, but I could not find the time to manually update it consistently.

I update manually. When I have the next target period, I plan an update with linux at command :

at hh:mm MM/DD/YY
at> hitman-elusive ACTIVE http://path/to/image

Maybe we will have an API to get this information in the next season :slight_smile:

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