Hitmen on the Xbox One with X


Gentlemen and other people,

I feeling the Hitman of 18 has not good graph. Feeling like 16 has better one. Like more smooth on original Xbox one without x. In 18 one is seeming like he has jagging outline. Like sharp and not be smoothie. Just wonder, if I purchasing a Xbox one with X, is this jagging disappear? Is the bar code not be blury? Please pro con of 18 Hitman between Xbox one with no x and Xbox one X. THank you comminitybfriend.


I cannot speak for Xbox, but HITMAN 2 on PS4 definitely trumps HITMAN from 2016. Even the Legacy Pack levels look better than their original counterparts.


You are not wrong Glacius. HITMAN 2 on the OG Xbone runs at 900p in comparison to HITMAN 2016 which ran at 1080p. It was confirmed by Digital Foundry which is a game tech website.


What is your primary / native language @Glacius ?


Aw man that sucks. I looooooove the subtle, yet awesome graphical upgrade in H2 on the PS4. Everyone should experience that lol.


Thanks for clearing that up. I thought that 900p garbage on Xbox was a thing of the past. @JJoa74, high five! I thought HITMAN was beautiful, especially after I got a PRO. It still looks great, but the H2 engine just makes it look that much better.

@Glacius, no console hate, but if it is at ALL possible, please get an X1X if the opportunity rises. I would say get a PS4, but if you are happy with your X1 aside from resolution, stick with it.