HM2 Colorado Master SASO - NO KO Sean Rose Help Please

Working through Hitman II with Legacy from the beginning, 100% completion before progressing to next map (with exception of 4 challenges requiring all maps to be completed in legacy and II). I always start every level by finishing first with SASO, and lately have been attempting no KO approaches. I don’t watch any videos before attempting for a few hours to figure it out, but will reference and look up help when I am stuck. This one is a doozy for me, and I did end up giving up on the no KO to finish a round after realizing that after killing everyone I needed the facemask to finish in the Tornado Shelter (like I said, I didn’t watch any videos and ‘surprise!’ you need Rose’s face, lol!), and after hours of trying everything to lure away the hackers, I ended up just KO’ing them and stacking them on the deck with the guard, only to find out I missed an accidental guard kill earlier.

So, restarted with a new kit based on what I learned, but pretended I did not have the level mastery for authenticity, so standard start/agency pickup locations, this time leaving Sean Rose alive so I could get him at the end and drag him to the basement. My save is just outside the garage before I kill Ezra after luring his two guards away with a briefcase and handgun, using the fusebox distraction. After I kill him I have a hammer, a brick, lockpick, silverballer, the hallucinagens I picked up from Ezra, some keys, and my Ghost Sniper rifle, and I usually sneak around to enter in the basement, which I have done probably 30 times in the last few hours.

I tried placing a gun on the stairs for his guard to take away, one on the stairs and one by the clock. I have tried luring him to the basement by throwing it with the door open while he looks at the clock. I just can’t seem to find a way to separate him from his guard so I can kill him and get his body downstairs. I would prefer to have one gun left at the end so I can lure the basement guard away while finishing the exit with no KO. Anyone have any tips or ideas? Would hate to start this one over with the injection method or an audio distraction tool, but can if its the only way I’ll get this SASO/NOKO Master

Thanks in advance for any help

If you’re wanting No KOs and to get Sean’s body into the basement… Well, it’s possible to use a noise distraction to get him into the basement near the top of the stairs (then head-shot him) or maybe FiberWire him when he goes by the door, but with the one guard that’s always down there… That’s going to be pretty difficult. So you have to either KO that guard and bring down SR’s body. Or go for the 3D printed mask and not KO the guard.

It’s also possible to drag his body out of the way (like on the other side of the stairs) then send the guard away with a “misplaced” weapon.

As for Sean Rose’s guard. Placed weapons won’t work on him since he escorts a VIP. He’ll call another guard if he spots a weapon. But Sean will usually have him check out a suspicious noise. But getting him onto the stairs could still work.

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Thank you, I did end up restarting to progress my save to the door at the top of the basement stairs, and now with an audio distraction device. Will try new things, working on the new attempt now.

Just got it! Thanks for the tip, the audio distraction worked! NO KO’s!


If you don’t mind breaking your rule, you could get some very helpful items from later maps such as the emetic grenade (Haven Island lvl 5) which I have found is very useful on SASO NKO runs

I would however, avoid the electrocution phone if you value completing missions with at least slither of skill