HMF Members (Product Reviews)



I thought it would be nice to have a thread where members can upload a picture or video of any type of product they have and do their own personal review on it. The item, brand, functions, where they bought it, how much, pros / cons etc…

I figured, not only is there a ton of room for discussion, but it could also offer the opportunity for members to view a huge variety of different products they (maybe) wouldn’t have seen / or heard of otherwise.

I know we have the “What was your last purchase” thread. but the main purpose of this thread is to also add a very detailed and thorough review on that product. Maybe some members like the product you posted & have additional questions they would like to ask that the poster can answer further.

Again, products can be absolutely anything… Please don’t post things you plan on getting in the future. Only do reviews for products you already have in your possession (or have had in the past and can offer helpful / useful information on it. Be sure to add your rating at the very end of your review!

Examples of Products:

  • Sporting Equipment
  • Jewelry
  • Any Type of Foods or Drinks / Restaurants
  • Electronics
  • Clothing
  • Tools
  • Movies / Books
  • Video Games
  • Cars
  • Toys / Collectables
  • Appliances (Blenders, Washer / Dryer machines, Microwaves, toasters etc…

Literally ANYTHING!!
(Please keep it appropriate)

Note: Please don’t post if you don’t offer your own little personal review on it. If you have a product you like or just bought but do not wish to do a review on it, please post it in this thread instead. Products AND REVIEWS only here!

Thank You!


Rats guess we can’t get some juicy @UrsamRableckBearmon reviews.


Lmao I’m sure he would / can keep things beary :bear: tasteful :blush:


Guess I can’t explain in detail the great quality of the Green Herbs Prudence condoms and neither link to a video in Twitter that’s evidence of my statement…

But now serious, I’m eager to review my 3D printed Bearmon figure when it arrives! :bear:



Now that I will look forward to seeing haha awesome! @badeaguard I really hope to hear some reviews from you in the future on some of the products you’re using for the ballers project! :wink:


I imagine they did what they are intended to do.

Thank you :smile: maybe I will do a video one day when everything is complete.
For now I am really curious what other members has to show. Awesome thread.


That would be really awesome to see actually! You doing a video review on the ballers, while dressed in your suit! :sunglasses::ok_hand:

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