HMF Playing Checkers


I was inspired by @Nazareth’s “HMF Playing Chess” thread.

So I figured why not a game of Checkers? Truth be told, I favor Chess more myself, but hey… why not?

Basically the same concept as the “Chess Thread” applies here… Except–CHECKERS lol


NOTE: BLACK always moves first



While Nazareth and Sean are playing chess we are all just playing checkers.

Sorry I got no intention on playing I literally couldn’t pass up the chance to say that.


Lmao no problem man, I myself can’t play either at the moment. I’m about to step out…

Just figured I’d get the thread started in case anyone wants to start :blush:


Cool to see I started a trend. Never learned how to play myself but I’ll gladly watch from the sidelines. :popcorn:


I am pretty good at checkers however I have no idea how I will say which piece went to where because


Yes you did indeed start a trend man haha great idea btw!! And Dude… how do you know how to play Chess but not checkers? I’m sorry no offense, it’s just usually (from what I’ve experienced ) the opposite lol

Chess is MUCH more complex.



The rules of checkers :slightly_smiling_face:


:man_shrugging: None of my friends or family ever played so I never learned. Don’t have any interest in it now but maybe after seeing a few games in action, I might take a interest.


No problem man. Only surprising to me is all lol

but I added the rules. Hopefully you’ll catch on and join in sometime :grinning:


I think you might have to get the ball rolling by starting a match yourself. SeanBernowicz mentioned he plays, maybe you can play against him?


Alright man, I’ll see if we can get a game going tomorrow @SeanBernowicz I’m about to get some sleep right now though (gotta work 12 hour shift tomorrow :tired_face:) lol I’ll see if I can get a game in after. :slightly_smiling_face: