HMF Playing Chess ♟

I don’t know what’s coming over me lately because I’m usually not into doing this kind of thing, but surprisingly I have yet another idea for a game, well more like a way to incorporate a game. I remember a while ago there was a thread where we talked about the game of Chess, but never really played with each other, at least not here. I was reluctant at first with this because the idea seems like…too much busy work for a lack of a better term but you guys be the judges – Not sure how many Chess players are still here but if you own a board, post a picture of it, then move one of the pieces as if you’re playing with someone. You can also use a online chess game download to post from, which everyone here finds easier to do. The one I use is a Chessman Windows app but others use their own.

Next another member will post their own board, setting it up just like the previous person’s board including whatever piece they moved, and respond with your own move. Then the previous member will do the same and it’ll just go back and forth trading pics until someone wins by checkmate, the game reaches a draw, or someone concedes defeat.

This way the whole forum can watch and spectate and it gives people a chance to show-off and use their boards. And while there’s only two players to one game, another pair can get their own started. Just post your own board and wait for a response, or Tag someone in particular you’d like to play against. So does this make sense? Sound like fun? Just an example.

Scoreboard of current players:

Nazareth - Wins:7 Losses:7

Purist - Wins:1 Losses:2

silvereye27 - Wins:1 Losses:8

05parsh05 - Wins:6 Losses:0

Supernova - Wins:0 Losses:1

FearlessArogunz - Wins:0 Losses:1

SeanBernowicz - Wins:7 Losses:3

L_Okami.Streaming - Wins:0 Losses:1

Match in progress:
None right now, so get a game going!

Undefeated: 05parsh05 :muscle:
Current Champion: 05parsh05 :trophy:


I like the idea, been ages since i played chess so, whoever want’s to play with me has the upper hand. :sweat_smile:

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Well the Rook has a move that if neither the king and a rook has been moved can they switch places

Tip: of what i’ve heard is it a good idea to control the middle of the board for good movement. Below are some other tips I found, try looking others up


Cool Idea! I would love to play against one of you.

Shall we?
20 towers, kings and queens.


Why not, let’s do it. It could be possible that I have to go while we are playing, but we can always pause and continue. White or Black?


@Purist - White
@BetaPete - Black



Alright, looks like the game is on so I’ll remove the “test run idea” from the title. Looking forward to seeing this in action. One other question: Is it better I keep the game in the Lounge or open it to the public?

@Purist Don’t feel bad because I’m a bit rusty at it too and will likely get my ass handed to me on my first game here. :wink:

@BetaPete Wow, that’s a beautiful board man!


Your turn!

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No problem bro, i’m feeling more confident now, i won’t be beaten by a Mark clone. :rofl:


@Nazareth thanks!

@Purist Should I post pictures from my board or a digital one - like you? (I’ll always put the red dot on the last figure I moved)

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Whatever you’re confortable with, i just did it like that because i’m at work.

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EDIT: Just noticed that my King is standing on the wrong place, corrected it.

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Watching this is pretty exciting. Now I kind of want to get a match going. @AGENT4T7 I know you might be a little bummed out about your game thread, but how about we start a different game? That is if you still play.


No it’s all good. No worries.

This is a very cool idea. I actually thought of doing this months back, but didn’t know how I would be able to make it work so I just left it.

I do however still play, but truth be told, I honestly don’t think I could find the time to play it how it’s intended on the forum. A lot of waiting, taking pictures, setting up the board constantly…

It’s a brilliant idea, don’t get me wrong. I just don’t think I could have the time or patients for it. I’m sorry man. But this is very cool to see though, I’m glad you managed a way to make a forum chess game work, cause I couldn’t at the time haha


@Purist You still playing? Your move my man.

Sorry for the delay, i don’t have a good internet so that’s why i take so long to play. I’ll post my pic in a few minutes.

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Your turn @BetaPete. i moved my horse. Nice detail with the opponent tag btw, huehue.


@Nazareth, i’m borrowing your OP chess board for my next turn, way better for specifying my last move. :smile:

Hey @Nazareth we could get a chess game going if you want (I’m not good but hey whatever).