HMF Playing Chess





King D7.





Bishop B4. Check.





Pawn takes Pawn C3.





I believe that is checkmate. You win.


You have one move Be7, but after that e6++ is checkmate.
Good game!


Yes, you’re right. You basically had me on the ropes for most of the game. Well done.

@Nazareth I’ll give you a game if you like later. I’m going to go to bed in the meantime though.


Excellent game fellas! @Silvereyes we’ll have to do it after I get off work tomorrow. But I’m down with it.


Sure just tag me when you’re ready for it.


@Silvereyes I’m good to go when you are. Want to be white or black?


I’m happy to be black. Probably will only do a few moves, need to go to bed soon.


No need to rush this, get your rest. We can play tomorrow. :ok_hand:


OK sure. I am pretty tired to be honest. If you make the first move, I’ll post my first move when I can tomorrow.


Ready to play. :sunglasses:


Shall we?


Sure, Black or White?


I’ll take Black this game.