HMF Playing Chess


@Nazareth Yeah sorry been distracted.

Bishop D6.


Cool, I’m at work now so I’ll post my next move in about 9 hours.


Bishop d3.


@Purist, your move.



Pawn A5.


I’ll be get back to you in about 3 hours.


@silvereye27 Sorry to be late. Was running a little behind at the job.

Queen c2.


Hey @05prash05 you want to get a match going while we wait for our opponents?


Sure. Considering that you’re playing your current game with White and I am playing mine with Black, I hope I can go ahead with White this game. :slight_smile:



Sounds fine to me. :ok_hand:













Damn! I didn’t see that coming and might have to concede defeat. :smile: Nicely done!


I already know what’s coming. :wink:


I was surprised by your pawn push to g5 tbh.



Yeah, that’s the difference between playing the computer vs playing a live person. :sweat_smile: I’m going to bed now but I would love a rematch tomorrow.


Yup, we can have another match tomorrow. This one’s a forced mate in 3 moves from this position.


Pawn a4. Sorry for the delay.