HMF Playing Chess


After my Knight move to h5, I thought you would advance your h-pawn to h4 to prevent the check and also release your knight. But I saw only now that this check on h4 is winning. :slight_smile:




Yeah, I didn’t see it until after I already posted my move. When you moved your Knight, I just thought you were intending to put it on the f4 square for good positioning.





And that’s a wrap. You are currently the HMF undefeated chess champion! :trophy:

Until I finally beat you. :wink:


Thanks! :slight_smile:
Qf2 is checkmate. I don’t know but I somehow feel that you’re ending up with a pawn structure that is causing you problems at the end. I think it was the case in the other game too.
Anyway, good game!


Yeah, I like to experiment a lot in chess, currently with the pawns. Controlling the center of the board is important but I sometimes get bored of moving the same pieces in the same way. I’m still working out the strategy as you can tell but practice makes perfect. I look forward to a future match!


@silvereye27 Are we still playing or would you like to quit?



Knight takes Pawn G5.


Bishop takes Knight G5.



Rook G6.


You sure that’s the move you want to make? Because if it is…


@Nazareth No takes back is what I think was established earlier.

Pawn H6.


As you wish. :slightly_smiling_face:

Rook takes pawn H6.



Queen G7.


Rook H1.



Pawn C5.


Rook H7.



Queen takes Pawn G6.