HMF Playing Chess


Rook H8, Check.



King F7.


Rook H7, Check.



King F6.


That’s a check square.


Can’t do that I’m afraid. Your only move is to take my Rook with your Queen.



Queen takes Rook G7.


Rook takes Queen, Check.


I have to go to class in a minute. I think it’s safe to say that you’ve won.


More or less depending on your next move, but still a fine game. Good luck in class. :slightly_smiling_face:


Been busy as fuck at work lately and haven’t had time for a game in a while. Anybody want to get a match going?

EDIT: I hope we’re not done with chess already, though to be fair I haven’t had much time for it lately either. Hey @05prash05 interested in another match?


@Nazareth I’ll give you another game if you get the time for it.


Sounds good, you want black or white?



OK if I be White this time? Pawn B3.


It’s cool with me. Pawn E5.



Pawn G3.


Pawn D5.



Pawn E3.


Pawn E4.



Pawn A4.