HMF Playing Chess


Knight F6.


@Nazareth Last move for tonight, going to bed soon.

Pawn H4.


Cool, we can pick this up next time you’re ready. :ok_hand:

Knight C6.


Forgot about this thread until you tagged me. :slight_smile:
We can have another match once you are done with your ongoing game?



Knight C6.


Yeah, I’ve been kind of busy lately and as much as I like chess it’s just not one of those games you can just pick up and go IMO. I’ll tag you next time I’m free, unless someone else tags you first. :wink:


Pawn D4.



Knight A2.


Bishop C5.



Pawn D3.


Bishop F5.


Same is the case with me.


You looking to get a match going against someone?

@Silvereyes Your turn when you’re ready.



Sorry man, got a temp job for today and the next 3 days, so going to be busy with that. I’ll reply to your chess move tonight though.


Nothing wrong with making some money. :+1:



Pawn takes Pawn D4.


Knight takes Pawn D4.


@Silvereyes We’re still on or would you like to quit?


@Nazareth Sorry, I forgot about the game.

Pawn C3.


Bishop G4.