HMF Playing Chess


True, but you handled the assault better than I expected. Overall you had more pieces in play. Most of my stuff I didn’t get past the starting line.



Qd1 is checkmate.

Unfortunately, your other bishop did not move outside its rank, which blocked your rook too.


Yeah that was definitely my downfall. But still a hell of a game! To me it’s more fun playing here then some other online chess match.


I thought I was pretty much done for when you forced my king to move during the initial phase of the game. Yes, it was a hell of a game!


Almost, but you played it right tucking him into the corner. That’s it for me tonight; more work awaits in the mourning. But I’ll be looking to challenge you again in due time. :+1:


@SeanBernowicz and @silvereye27 didn’t you guys have a game going or you decided to quit?


Not sure; I already played my first move so I’m waiting for Silver’s response


Sorry I thought I was waiting for you, I already replied to the first move a while back.



Got a couple of months before the next Hitman game. Anybody up for a match?


I’ll give you a rematch. Want to be white or black?


I’ll be black please. I need to step out for a bit but post your move and I’ll be back soon.



Pawn E3


Pawn E5


Sorry I forgot about the game

@silvereye27 if you’re still up for it, this is my next move



Knight C3


Pawn B6

EDIT: Going for my dinner, probably won’t be back for a couple of hours.


@silvereye27 Knight F6



Pawn A4


:joy: Took me a few minutes for me to stop laughing and post a move.

Pawn D5