HMF Playing Chess



Queen G3


Pawn A5



Knight C7


Queen takes Rook A4, check



King D2


Queen C2, check



King E3


Bishop D3, check



King F4


Queen takes Knight C7, check



King G4


Pawn F5, check



I don’t think I can bounce back from this. You win.


Fair enough, thanks for the game though. Wish you better luck against SeanBernowicz :wink:


No worries man, you played me hard when I moved my knight. I was so sure that I had you, that I could take one of your rooks or queen, but as it turned out, you played me.


I think you’re getting better with every passing game. But can I offer some tips? You had you’re Rook and Knight on the side but didn’t do anything with them for most of the game. They were almost like dead weight. You don’t want bring big pieces like the Queen and Rook in too early unless you have a use for them. Still a fine game you played.


Thanks man, I am trying to improve. Been ages since I used to play chess weekly with my grandad when I was a teenager. You’re a very good player yourself.

I do like playing games on this forum. I want to do another forum game since my Hitman Soundtrack one but struggling to think of a Hitman topic for it aside from Elusive Targets, and I’m waiting until they have all been rerun.



Castle kings side



Pawn A5


Hey @SeanBernowicz still up for playing?