HMF Playing Chess


Queen c7


Pawn F4


Pawn g5


Pawn G3


Queen b6


Pawn B4


Pawn a5


Pawn B5


Pawn a4


Knight A3


Queen a5


Queen D2


Rook c8


I’m stuck at work again so I can’t post more pics for a while. But I can tell you my move - Rook C1.

EDIT - Back in business, for the time being anyway.


Ready to when you are @SeanBernowicz. Well…ready for at least the next few hours.


Your board is so complicated, I’ve no idea how either of you will be able to navigate it.


I might as well post it here since this is the most relevant thread, but I’ve got an idea: how about an HMF Playing Monopoly thread? It’s a bit of a daft idea but hear me out:

My idea to make it work on a forum is that someone is the game master, or in the case of Monopoly, “The Banker”, say for example me. As the Banker, I roll the dice for everyone and keep track of everyone’s money and properties. I play the game and pause it when people need to make decisions, like whether or not to buy a property or later on, to ask when to buy houses or hotels.

I dunno, I think it could be fun. I’d like to give it a shot.


Sounds pretty complicated to pull off but if you got an idea on how it can work then there’s nothing wrong with trying it out.


You are right, it is complicated, but I think it could work. Nothing wrong in giving it a shot. I’m going to bed in a minute, but I might try and set it up sometime tomorrow.



Pawn takes pawn f4