HMF Playing Chess


Queen H5


Queen F8, check


Queen E8


I’m away from my computer for another two hours but I can tell you my next move and maybe you can post it for me - Queen x Queen.


Nazareth takes Queen

I respond with King x Queen


Rook G4


King F8


Rook X Pawn H4


King G7


King G3


King G8


King G4


King F7


King G5. We can keep going if you like but there’s no way for you to stop my Pawn from promoting. Still this was pretty close game most of the way. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, you wanna call it a draw? This has pretty much turned into a game of cat and mouse


Afraid not. I have the advantage and once I promote my pawn to a Queen, I’ll have checkmate shortly afterwards. But you still play a damn good game.




Sometimes I come across “Chess Puzzles” and try to solve them. Some I get and most I miss but I’m curious if anyone else can solve them. I find them to be good exercise that can improve your perception and up your game. Here’s one where White has checkmate in two moves. Think you can get it?



@Nazareth King D7, Queen F5?


Sorry but no. The King can’t move any closer to the other King, otherwise they’re checking each other.