HMF Playing Chess


@Nazareth Queen H1, Queen takes Pawn D5.


Also incorrect. Remember that black has a move after white and would have time to block it with pawn to E4.


Or Black’s Queen would just take my Queen. Urgh, this is infuriating. I like puzzles, but only when I’m able to solve the bloody things. I need more time to think this over.


Take all the time you need. :slightly_smiling_face:


@Nazareth Queen B7. Queen E7, F7 if Black Rook decides to oppose Queen.


Getting better but still wrong I’m afraid. While your Queen moves to B7, black’s pawn on E5 takes your pawn on D4, creating an escape for the King by the time your Queen gets to E7. Also his Rook is covered by his Queen.


Here’s a small tip - notice that black’s King cannot move anywhere without putting himself in check.


One more hint - The first move you make is indeed with the Queen. If no can get it by tomorrow, I’ll spoil the answer.


I think I see it…


Move Queen to B6 then King to D7?


No go my friend. The King can’t move closer to the other King because that move puts him in check. Also remember black has a move after white.


@Nazareth Oh, is it

Queen to B7 then queen again to E7?


I know that looks good but black can defend against it by moving his Queen to F8.


Man I’m about to get my actual chess board to set this up lol it’s a bit confusing for me on just my phone lol I need to see the actual moves in front of me haha


@Nazareth does the correct move mean that it is impossible for Black to block it, even if the blocking move would basically be a terrible move in a regular match?


In a way, yes. The move will force an immediate response from Black.


@Nazareth Queen B8, Queen takes Pawn E5?


Nope, Black can defend it by moving his Queen to H1.


Damn can’t remember where I put my chess board lol can’t find it… oh well. Another guess…

Queen B8 then Queen again to E8


Black defends it with Queen to F8, sorry.


How??? The king would still be in check though???