HMF Playing Chess


Sorry, not telling this time. :grin:


Rook A6, Pawn x Rook A6, Pawn B7


Well played, that is checkmate! Figured this wouldn’t be too hard.

I’ll post a new one in another 8 to 9 hours.


Damn! I actually figured this one out before seeing Sean’s reply.

White Rook to A5, Black Pawn to A6 or Bishop, White Rook to A6 (Takes Pawn) or White Pawn to A7 (Takes Pawn), Black Pawn to A6 (Takes White Rook) or Bishop to A7 (Takes White Pawn), White Pawn to B7.

Edit: Actually, I’ve confused my possibilities by trying to write multiple moves, but the same solution is in there. :laughing:

Edit 2: Actually, no. I didn’t figure this out after all, but I was on the right track… kinda. :laughing:


This puzzle is a bit more complex. In this situation, Black has the advantage and there’s no way for White to win so the next best thing White can do is force the game to a draw…but how?


Not the exact moves, but Rook to D5, Rook to D3, eventually take the Queen, then use the Rook and King to force a retreat, and eventual stalemate, between F and H. The hardest part is getting rid of the Queen without losing the Rook.


Good try but still a loss. Take out the Pawn and Black still has advantage with his Queen and can still checkmate White.


The only move you can make for a chance to get a draw…is Rook to G3. Seems like suicide at first glace but look what happens if the Queen takes the Rook.

It’s White’s turn but there are no safe squares for the King to go and because of that, the game reaches a draw. :wink:

But that’s if the Queen takes the Rook. If not then reaching a draw is still possible. The best move for Black is to move the Pawn.

Can you guess the next best move for White?

EDIT: FYI I didn’t get this one either. :sweat_smile:


King G2This text will be blurred


Good eye my friend! That is correct. From this position a stalemate is pretty much a done deal. If Black moves his King to any square, we take the Queen, he takes the Rook, then White has the needed head start to get in front of the Pawn.

So again, Black’s best move is to push his Pawn. Then King to F1 seals the draw.

If the Queen takes the Rook then once again there’s no place for the King to move like before. If Black pushes the Pawn again, Rook takes Queen, King takes Rook and White’s King can is close enough to stop the Pawn. Pretty neat, Huh?


Figure I keep the puzzles going in between games.

White has checkmate in one move. Looks easy, right?


Knight to C6.

Edit: No, it’s not that. King would just move to F6.


Pawn D7 takes Black Knight E8, it turns into a Knight.


Good one, that is correct! :+1:


Ah! I thought about that move, but I forgot that you can choose something else apart from a Queen.


It’s much easier with only 1 move. I realised the King would have to move to F6 to avoid Checkmate, so tried to think of a move that would cover that angle.


Yeah this can be a tricky because most folks think of the Queen. :slightly_smiling_face:

Can’t promise they’ll all be like that. :wink:


Ok, one more “easy” puzzle before I go back to the tough stuff. White has checkmate in one move.


Knight F3?


Got that pretty quick! :+1: