HMF Playing Chess


Thank you. I just find it so much easier with only 1 move. One of my issues in chess is thinking ahead in so many turns. I find it very difficult to predict where players will move their pieces.


White is threating checkmate in one move with Rook to H8. You’re playing as Black and have to find a way to stop it. The goal isn’t to win the game but just turn the tables against White. Keep in mind that White has checkmate on his next move so you’ll have put the pressure on fast.


Pawn F1, turn it into a Queen?


No good. Doesn’t stop the checkmate.


I’m not sure I understand why. If if I turn my Pawn into a Queen, can’t the Queen block the Rook? I’m assuming the White Rook on the right will move to H8 to initiate the checkmate?


Here, I’ll show you in just a minute…

This play will just cost you the Queen. :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry, but I thought the goal of the game was to prevent Checkmate next turn and that it didn’t matter that I wouldn’t win the game outright. So what exactly am I trying to accomplish?


The goal here is to prevent the checkmate. Your play only postpones it, sorry.


OK, so I’m trying to prevent Checkmate outright, not just next turn. That was what I was confused about.


Here’s a hint: Look for a move that puts the other King in check.


Rook H1. King is forced to take it due to Check. Pawn F1, turns into Queen, puts King into Check.


Very good! The King is forced to move back to H1, so what’s your next move?


Do you mean H2? Move Queen to F2, force King to go back to H1. Take Rook B1?


Oh…I got the squares mixed up so yeah. :sweat_smile:

And Correct! The threat of checkmate is removed and the odds are now in your favor. :ok_hand:


This will probably be tough but they can’t all be easy. White has checkmate in three moves.


This is going to be very tough. I don’t have the answer but I’ll try and start to break down the puzzle.

Black Knight is 1 move away from putting my King into Check. Not only that, when the Black Knight moves, the Black Queen will also put my King into Check. I think it would be impossible to achieve a Checkmate if I try to react to Black putting my King into Check, since I would waste moves moving my King to avoid Check.

I’m thinking my first move must be to either use my Knight on E5 to move it to F6, or have my White Rook take the Black Bishop on F8 to put the King into Check. However, both moves would see the pieces taken, by the Pawn and Rook respectively, as they are the only moves available for Black to make to avoid Checkmate. However, I am struggling to see how I can capitalise on these moves.


Screw it, here’s a guess. I have a feeling that it won’t work because Black doesn’t have to do either move, especially the second.

White King C1, Black Rook takes White Knight E5, White Queen moves to H6, Black Pawn G7 takes White Queen H6, Rook takes Pawn H7.


OK, another shot. I seriously think I might have it. Maybe.

Knight E5 moves to G6, Black King is in Check. Pawn H7 takes Knight G6, only move to avoid Checkmate. White Queen moves to H6, puts King into Check. Pawn G7 takes White Queen, only move to avoid Checkmate. White Rook moves to H7. White Rook puts King into Check, and White Knight protects the Rook and means the King can’t move to the Rook’s blinkspot on G8.


That’s seriously some good effort you put into the puzzle.The 3rd answer is correct! The fact that you couldn’t get the first puzzle I posted (checkmate in two) but got this one shows your skills are improving. :sunglasses:


Thanks man. It probably helps alot though that I actually understand how these puzzles work now.