HMF Playing Chess


Here’s one I thought was pretty cool but it’s a bit tricky. White has checkmate in three moves but you need to choose carefully because one wrong move will force the game to be a draw.


First hint - Promote the Pawn on E7.


Pawn E8, turns into Queen. King takes Pawn F6. Pawn G8, turns into Queen. King cannot move. Queen E7?


Sorry but no. If the King has no safe squares to move to and is not in check, then the game is a draw.


I don’t think I understand.


The king only moved once there. White had two turns in a row, the game would end in a draw


OK, so the Black guy has to be able to move, otherwise the game ends?


After you promote your second Pawn its Black’s turn again, but the King has nowhere to move and you can’t skip his turn. So by the rules of chess its a draw.


If the king doesn’t have a place to move, but he’s not in check, the game is a draw


Right, had no idea that was a rule. Urgh, I’m going to bed. Maybe I’ll think of something in the morning.


Next hint: Promote the E7 Pawn to a Bishop instead of a Queen.


This one of those rare cases where the better move is to not promote a Queen, but a Bishop. This limits the King’s choices to either take the Pawn to his left or right, and it doesn’t matter which way he goes.


Whatever direction he picks, you promote the Pawn he’s closest to. Again you need to fight the temptation to go with a Queen but instead a Rook.

This leaves the King with only one square to move - E6.

Then bring your Rook to G6 for the checkmate. :sunglasses:


Ok, a two-part puzzle. First: It’s easy to see White will win this match. Can you spot a checkmate in two moves?


Rook x Bishop G8, Queen D8, Rook x Queen D8


Easy enough right? Now for the second part: can you spot the checkmate in one move?


Queen C7?


Nope, that puts your King in check by Black’s Bishop.


Bishop H2?


Sorry but black can block it with Queen to D6.


Queen B3?