HMF Playing Chess


In that case it would be checkmate…but what if the Rook doesn’t take the Pawn? :slightly_smiling_face:


Since the Rook is moved the Pawn can no longer go to G4 though. And the King can’t take the Pawn because it’s too close to your King.


In that case Black can block it with Rook to F3, that’s not checkmate in two moves. :slightly_smiling_face:


Your first move, Bishop to C8, is still a good start.


@anon74426438 interested in playing a game against someone? I think you and Silvereyes colud be a close match.


It doesn’t have to be over the course of 1 day. On this thread, usually I tend to put in a move a couple of times a day. I’d be happy to play you.


I’m not terribly reliable either, ask the players of my Monopoly threads. I work evenings, so often some days I just feel too tired to do anything. I’m happy to play inconsistently.


You can choose if you want to be White or Black.


Well my avatar is of Tails, so that makes sense. I flip a coin and…

Heads. You’re White, I’m Black.


Bishop to C8 is the nail in the coffin to this puzzle. One of the Rooks is forever pinned to the King and it doesn’t matter much how Black responds. All it takes is a minor adjustment with your Knight and checkmate is unavoidable.

Rook to G8? Just slide the Knight to F4 and checkmate.


But what if it’s Rook to A4? Move the Knight to G5 instead for the same effect.

Rook takes Pawn? L_Okami.Streaming already got that one with Knight to G5.


@anon74426438 Pawn E4.


@anon74426438 Knight C3.


@anon74426438 Pawn D4.


@anon74426438 Pawn H3.


@anon74426438 Pawn B3.


@anon74426438 Pawn G3.


Oh OK, sorry to hear.


A shame to see the match end so soon but you gotta do what you gotta do I guess. Safe travels.


@Clover asked me a while ago if I could set up a board of “Knight’s Gambit” from The Final Test mission in Season 1 and I was glad to help, though I couldn’t get the exact same colors. Just thought I post it here. Did anybody else solve it by chance?


Anyone up for a game