HMF Playing Monopoly: Game 2


Hello there. It is time to return to the world of backstabbing capitalism as Hitman Forum plays Monopoly again. You can find the first game here.

This game will more or less function the same as the last one with some minor rule changes. The biggest is that instead of each player taking a turn at a time, you now all take your turn at the same time. This means the game won’t stop everytime one person lands on an unowned property or something else happens. Also there is no longer a rule about having to go around the board once to buy properties, you will be able to purchase streets immedietly. We will also be using a dice RNG for dice rolls rather than using actual dice.

We have 3 returning players from the first game, @Nazareth @Jacques_Shadow and @Golem25. We have room for 3 more players, so if you are interested in playing please post in this thread. Lets have a nice fun game.


Of the many nicknames that I’ve been given over the years by admirers, such as “Rad Ricky”, “Hot Eric” and “Big Dick Rick”, the one I am most proud of is “Monopoly Master”. I hail from a long line of not just kings and queens on my mother’s side, but also competitive monopoly world champs on my father’s side. I have competed in and won over 35 monopoly tournaments in this first quarter of my 100 years on this planet alone and I have no intention of stopping.

If you are so arrogant as to think that you’ll be able to beat me, then I welcome you to challenge me and thoroughly embarass yourself.

Put me in coach



I’d be happy to play again. Maybe this time I’ll actually spend money.


Awesome, we just need 1 more player then.

EDIT: As it turns out, it seems Golem has been banned. So I guess we now still have 2 open spaces. We don’t need 6 players but I feel like for a game of this nature, I think it’s a good number to have. I’ll start the game tomorrow if noone else is interested. I’ll also allow late entries if we’re only on the first 3 or so turns.



Damn, I like Golem. Hope he returns soon.

And I know this isn’t the point of the thread, but Hitman-themed monopoly would be great.

Not sure how it’d work though. Maybe you’d compete for lucrative assassination contracts instead of property.


Golem was always friendly in the last Monopoly thread, so it is a shame that this has happened. I will miss him.

@David47 If you are interested, you are happy to participate in this game, although we are just using the standard Atlantic City board and cards.


Thanks, Silvereyes. I can’t right now, but the gesture is much appreciated and I might take you up on it in a future game. :slight_smile:

Also, that’s a nice statement you made about Golem, and, from what I know of him, I agree.

I hope you find a player soon. Have fun!

P.S. I played Monopoly at Christmas and I did terribly so I apologize for not taking part right now and making you all look like financial masterminds. lol


No worries man, although I will say that if you havn’t read the previous thread, the idea is to play just a couple minutes a day. The last Monopoly game lasted 2 weeks, so the idea is to play it in small incriments with me acting as gamemaster.

Also I’m terrible at Monopoly too, so it’s funny just to play as the Banker and let everyone else go into financial ruin. :stuck_out_tongue:


lol. Sounds cool. I’ll have a look at the rules tomorrow (it’s 4 a.m. here now!) and if you haven’t gotten another player soon, I might jump in, if that’s all right.


Cool stuff. It’s 4am here too, I’m only in Scotland. I should probably head to bed soon.


An Englishman and a Scot. Natural rivals. Grr.

Except I like Scotland and one of my favourite films of all time is Braveheart, but just pretend you don’t know that about me if I join in, OK? :smile:

And what are we both doing up at this hour?! We’re not being responsible at all. lol


My excuse is that as a pizza delivery driver, I end up finishing at like 11:30pm. I always want to destress before I go to sleep so I wind up watching TV and then watching Youtube videos before I will myself to my bed.

And hey, England is cool too, I have some family down there. London is an amazing city to visit, I have some fantastic memories from visiting there.


My excuse is … lame – compared to your actual legitimate reason, so I’m just going to go to bed. lol

'Night, man. I’m glad we spoke and that we’re proving the stereotypes about our countries wrong! :slight_smile:


Night man, I’m gonna hit the hay too.


Don’t worry, I’ll fight for you!


Being half blind, and not actually as tough as Big Boss, I’ll need it if I get into a scrap with anyone. There’s probably a pre-schooler in here who could take me right now. :smile:

Surprise attack from the left!

Aaand … I’m done.


Shit, I’m surprised about Golem but hopefully he’ll bounce back at some point.

Glad to have you back in the game DaZucc. Look forward to playing against you and EricTheAussie. Sorry you can’t join us this time David47 but maybe next game.

Silvereyes maybe you can tag certain members and see if they’re interested?


I don’t know, I’m not sure who would really be interested in this kind of thing. You’re happy to tag anyone you know who think would like this.


Yeah, I don’t have a clue either sorry.