HMF Playing Monopoly: Game 2


Yo, ping me when this game is over. I want in on the next one.


I’d like to buy a house for each of my greens please.


I’d like to buy a house for each of my light blues


But you don’t own all the Light Blues, Jacques owns the third one.


Lol I haven’t played monopoly in so long, I forgot you have to own all properties to build houses



Would you be willing to give me oriental avenue if I have you Virginia avenue


Probably not the best deal for me in terms of potentially winning, but I’ve always been a fan of you on the forum so what the heck. You have a deal.


DaZucc: $1289 - $600 = $689.
Sean: $836 - $150 = $686.


Player 1: Nazareth rolls a

Nazareth lands on Park Place, which he already owns.

Player 2: Jacques_Shadow rolls a

Jacques goes to Jail. He does not pass Go, he does not collect $200. @Jacques_Shadow would you like to use your Get Out of Jail Free Card, or pay the $50 fine, or attempt to escape by rolling a double next turn?

Player 3: EricTheAussie rolls a

Eric lands on B&O Railroad, which is owned by Jacques. Eric buys a train ticket from his competitor for $50. Eric: $90 - $50 = $40. Jacques: $1085 + $50 = $1135. Because he rolled a double, Eric gets to roll again. He rolls a

Eric lands on Pacific Avenue, which is owned by DaZucc. With his recent building of a house, DaZucc charges Eric $130. Eric: $40 - $130 = $-90. DaZucc: $689 + $130 = $819. Because he rolled a second double, Eric can roll again but if he rolls a third double, he immedietly goes to Jail. Eric rolls a

Eric lucks out and lands on Go. Eric collects $200. Eric: $-90 + $200 = $110.

Player 4: DaZucc rolls a

DaZucc lands on Pennslyvania Avenue, which he already owns.

Player 5: SeanBernowicz rolls a

Sean lands on Chance. Sean draws a Chance card. It reads:

“Go directly to Jail. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200.”

Sean bunks with Jacques. @SeanBernowicz would you like to pay the $50 fine or do you want to attempt to escape by rolling a double next turn?


I escaped debt and jail within the span of a single turn. I am the best



Wait…something doesn’t quite add up. @Silvereyes when Eric landed on Jacques_Shadow, he only had $90 right? That leaves him with $40. When he lands on Dazucc’s Green the cost is $130, which he can’t afford. With all of his property already mortgaged, there’s no way he can pay the bill which makes him bankrupt. Or am I overlooking something?


I passed go because I got 2 rolls bitch


We are playing by Party rules, which means that Eric’s 3 rolls all happen simulatenously. So he pays for DaZucc’s green by using the money he earned from Go. If Eric didn’t land on Go in this turn, he would basically be out.


Ok, I see.


I’m going to hang out with my man in jail for now. Happy to wait until I roll a double. Been having enough luck with it in the past.


So you’re not going to use your Get Out of Jail Free Card?


I won’t be using it for now. I probably could, but I’d rather be in jail than risking landing on someone’s houses.


Both of ya’ll staying in jail? Who gets top bunk? :grin:


It’s funny how I feel more excited to play this than Chess which says a lot. We good to go?


Give me 20 minutes. By the by, see for game 3, would you guys be interested in playing Monopoly Mega Edition?