HMF Playing Monopoly: Game 2


My personal mission now is to destroy you and ruin your life. I don’t even care if I win anymore. I just want you to lose


Thanks for the invite but I think I’d rather sit out game 3 and watch. No offence but this game is starting to last a little too long to jump into the next. Maybe game 4 though.


I’m going to take a break inbetween games though. Maybe a couple of weeks at least. I actually plan to bring back my Hitman Target Championship game again, using a different target selection method and including Hitman 2 targets.


Player 1: Nazareth rolls a

Nazareth passes Go and collects $200. Nazareth: $19 + $200 = $219. Nazareth lands on Chance. Nazareth draws a Chance card. It reads:

“Get Out of Jail Free Card. This card may be kept until needed, or sold, or traded.”

Player 2: Jacques_Shadow’s first attempt to escape Jail. He rolls a

Jacques remains in Jail.

Player 3: EricTheAussie rolls a

Eric lands on Oriental Avenue. Eric pays Sean $30 in rent. Eric: $110 - $30 = $80. Sean: $686 + $30 = $716.

Player 4: DaZucc rolls a

DaZucc passes Go and collects $200. DaZucc: $819 + $200 = $1019. DaZucc lands on Community Chest. He draws a Community Chest card. It reads:

“Go to Jail. Go directly to Jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.”

DaZucc sleeps on the cell floor with his buddies Jacques and Sean. @DaZucc would you like to pay the $50 fine or will you attempt to escape Jail by rolling a double like your cellmates?

Player 5: SeanBernowicz’s first attempt to escape Jail. Sean rolls a

Sean remains in Jail.


How you gonna hurt me when you’re behind bars amigo? Hmm?


I’m amazed the Australian is the only one not behind bars.


I’ll strangle your Aussie ass through the bars when you visit


This is blatant racism and it would not be tolerated had you said this to somebody whose skin was not as thick as mine.

You can try


Well considering how you keep calling everyone bitches, I sortof assumed you’d be able to handle that kindof comment.


I’m not either!


Yeah but you’re a good citizen.


Funny, considering the last game I was Donald Trump. :wink:


I call people bitches because they’re bitches. It’s just stating facts. Insinuating that all Australians are descendants of convicts, and also that these descendants are just as unlawful as their ancestors, is a racist stereotype and just disrespectful in general. There is a difference between what I say and what you said


Sorry I didn’t realise it was that disrespectful.



I honestly cannot tell if you are being serious or if you’re being extremely sarcastic.


That one.


If all else fails, my cousin will have a word with you


Actually I am Australian myself, so I’m making my nation proud. I’m just hoping to get the other train stations


I’m paying my fine. I have been falsley prosecuted and I don’t appreciate sleeping on the floor.