HMF Playing Monopoly: Game 2


If @Nazareth rolls a two, I think I will cry.


Actually he we will strike without really willing it. That first lane is valuable because it allows the owner to exploit anybody who has just earned their Salary.

In the late game, Cash is King. And so if @SeanBernowicz builds up those cheap properties with hotels, while not devastating, they can ensure he has cash and everyone else is cash strapped.

The second lane, which you hold a majority of, is valuable too because it exploits anyone landing in jail.

Combined, proper use of the first two lanes can actually frustrate players who own lots in the latter two lanes since nobody has anymore money after negotiating the minefield of the first two lanes.

But just like most corporate wars…It will come down to cash and a development race. :wink:

Also sometimes… when the markets are that hot, it might be better to just sit in jail until you’re forced to pay bail.

Good luck to you all! :slight_smile:


Speaking of which, I’d like to get another house on each brown please @Silvereyes


Actually its an 11 I need, then you can start crying.


There’s a Monopoly World Championship? I had no idea such a thing existed. I will be very disappointed if the players in that aren’t overly serious and overdramatic like in anime. “You must believe in the heart of the Community Chest cards.”

Sean: $953 - $100 = $853.


Player 1: Nazareth rolls a

Nazareth lands on New York Avenue. Nazareth pays DaZucc $16 in rent. Nazareth: $1213 - $16 = $1197. DaZucc: $815 + $16 = $831. Because he rolled a double, Nazareth gets to roll again. He rolls a

Nazareth lands on Water Works. Nazareth pays DaZucc ten times the dice. 10 x 9 = $90. Nazareth: $1197 - $90 = $1107. DaZucc: $831 + $90 = $921.

Player 2: Jacques_Shadow rolls a

Jacques lands on Atlantic Avenue. Jacques pays Nazareth $22 in rent. Jacques: $918 - $22 = $896. Nazareth: $1107 + $22 = $1129.

Player 4: DaZucc’s second attempt to escape Jail. He rolls a

DaZucc remains in Jail. Also he gets shanked again, this time by insulting Big Jim behind his back.

Player 5: SeanBernowicz rolls a

Sean lands on Connecticut Avenue, which he already owns.




Player 1: Nazareth rolls a

Nazareth lands on the Short Line, which he already owns.

Player 2: Jacques_Shadow rolls a

Jacques lands on Chance. Jacques draws a Chance card. It reads:

“Bank pays you dividend of $50.”

Jacques: $896 + $50 = $946.

Player 4: DaZucc’s third and final attempt to escape Jail. He rolls a

DaZucc leaves Jail quietly, and remains in Just Visiting, watching another prisoner getting shanked.

Player 5: SeanBernowicz rolls a

Sean lands on Pennslyvania Avenue, and buys a $100 train ticket from Jacques. Sean: $853 - $100 = $753. Jacques: $946 + $100 = $1046.


Well… the winner gets a trophy from the real life Uncle Pennybags… so there’s definitely some drama involved… :stuck_out_tongue:


Shouldn’t he pay bail?


Shhhhhh… No one needs to know that the guards let me out for taking down the infamous Hooded Claw associate, Big Jim.


Monopoly with Mission Stories! What a Concept! :smiley:


Tbh, being in jail is pretty great, you can’t land on other peoples properties, but people can land on yours and ypur mafia pals can smuggle the money in!


This is exactly why a tactic in the late game is to stay in Jail and avoid using Get Out of Jail. In fact it’s sometimes a strategy to just include it in trade deals if you can feel the endgame is near. :wink:


Alrighty, if I don’t roll a 10 I will commit tchüss.


… wondering if @DaZucc should build up to hotels on the Green Lane since if he can nuke anyone before they reach GO then @SeanBernowicz 's lifeblood will be cut off…

Also personally I love Utilities. :slight_smile:


Guess we can count you in on the next game? ; )


Not really… my style of Monopoly requires direct human interaction. I rely a lot on “PItches”… deal making… Which is hard to do unless we are playing in person.

In truth I rarely play Monopoly ever since the group I played with figured out that I usually have a scheme behind my deal making so it’s a series of “no no no” whenever I want to deal something.

I don’t win every game… but people I deal with tend to suffer.

I also like doing “Bailouts” which really requires psychology and timing… you have to be there during someone’s crisis to swoop in with a Bailout… (“Don’t mortgage that property. You have to pay it back later. Here… let me buy it off you… And I’ll pay extra… plus you don’t owe the bank… just give it to me…”)

So no… I’ll just observe. :slight_smile:


So dealing with you is like a deal with the devil. :slight_smile:


yes… which is why i developed the Bailout strategy… which is a pretty long play… It involves letting go of a lot of good stuff… selling it in exchange for lower cost properties + cash… and I bundle Get out of Jail cards and stuff…

It doesn’t make sense at first… but the idea is I want everybody else to have expensive properties but NO CASH… and I have cheap properties and lots of cash…

If anybody gets “nuked”… I swoop in with a cash bailout… and another property is mine… and so on…

Pisses off everybody even if I don’t win. hahaha.