HMF Playing Monopoly: Game 2


I’m out, I’m not willing to go all in for one property


Ok that was over quickly. Sean, are you willing to trade something if i can have Pennsylvania Avenue (green)?


Normally I’d be willing to do it for one property, however since that gives you complete control of green, I’d be willing to do it for Connecticut and Indiana avenue (light blue and red, your weakest colours).


I also have Virginia Avenue now, maybe that instead of Indiana Avenue?


You’ve got a deal…


Jacques hasn’t opted out of any of the bids, it was just Nazareth presuming he has. None of the bids are over until Jacques formally opts out. I’m guessing Eric is opting out of the Pink bid as well?

Pink: Virginia Avenue. Bid: $275 DaZucc. Bidders: Jacques, DaZucc
Station: Reading Railroad. Bid: $475 Eric. Bidders: Jacques, Eric.
Station: Short Line. Bid: $475 Eric. Bidders: Jacques, Eric.


I am opting out of pink yes


In that case we need to wait for Jacques to respond. After the bidding is wrapped up, then you guys can make all the trades you want to do.


@Jacques_Shadow are you bidding on the Pink or opting out?



If Jacques opts out of bidding for Virginia, I’m assuming our deal is still on?


Of course, we’ll just have to wait and see.


I’m happy to opt out


So @DaZucc

Virginia and Connecticut for Pennsylvania?


Yep, it’s a deal. Glad doing business with you.


I’m going to leave the game for a day, and basically let the 5 of you do whatever trading you want.


I think we did it already. Unless you’re saying you need a break?


…maybe. To tell the truth, I’ve had a shit day and just can’t be bothered doing another round tonight. Encountered some idiots while doing my job tonight who really managed to wind me up.

I will do another round tomorrow though.


That sucks, don’t let em get to you. There are far too many idiots out there.


You want to cancel the game? Won’t blame you if you did - Being the host/banker puts most of the work is on you…


I’ll make the next round within an hour.