HMF Playing Monopoly: Game 3


That’s what you get you little bitch


I’d like to unmortgage the RR


Done deal. I’ll fix it up tomorrow.


Why everyone hates me :rofl: also build hotels in dark blues


You might be survived now but with hotels I’ve built in DB’s you won’t have a chance second time :rofl:


Had to stay late at work so I’m running behind. Still gonna try and do a turn or two but first:

A.smith $1042 - $110 = $932 to unmortgage RR.

RT $1270 - $400 = $870 for two hotels on DB.


You don’t have to do anything if you don’t want too. I’m happy to wait.


Thanks but I like to, besides I already started. :wink:


Silvereyes rolls a 6D to a broken down St. James, merely stopping to take a piss on it. Second roll is a 4, which leads Free Parking and picks up a bit of cash there.
Silver $302 + $500 = $802.

Agent.Smith rolls an 8 and gets a Chance card: Speeding fine, pay $15.
A.Smith $932 - $15 = $917.

Jacques_Shadow rolls a 4 to get a Chance Card which reads: Go back three spaces. He backs up to pick up a Chest Card: Life insurance matures, collect $100.
J_S $277 + $100 = $300.

DaZucc rolls a 7, passes go and takes a ride on RR, owned by A.Smith.
$433 - $25 = $408. A.Smith $917 + $25 = $942.

RieperTobias rolls a 9 to Tennessee Ave, paying rent to DaZucc.
RT $870 - $14 = $856. DaZucc $408 + $14 = $422.

@SeanBernowicz rolls a 10 to Virginia Ave where J_S charges $12 rent. Sean only has $3 dollars so this is pretty much the end of the road I’m afraid. Sean owns two mortgaged places: St.James and States ave. @Jacques_Shadow can pick one to cover the debt and the other goes back to the bank and on sale again.


I would like 1 house on Atlantic Avenue and Ventnor Avenue, and 2 houses on Marvin Gardens please.


Silvereyes $802 - $600 = $202 for 4 houses on Gold.


I will murder your entire family and feed them to the kangaroos



At least it’s not RieperTobias, right? :sweat_smile:


They’re both on the list. Riepers even worse because I would’ve survived Jacques had it not been for him. Rieper was aids that slowly killed me and Jacques shot me in the face


Lol what. When your card gets declined over 12 dollars. I’ll take States to get my hands on the pinks


You should murder mine too, the only reason I saved you was to murder you myself


180 on the orange (St James)


A.Smith has current top bid for St. James at $180. Any other bidders? @Silvereyes @Jacques_Shadow @RieperTobias @DaZucc


1 billion dollars on St. James


I opt out of the bid.